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Geriatrics as a Career Choice

“Geriatrics is the most challenging and exciting area of patient care. The patients are the most ill, most complex, and the most dependent on our skills and wisdom for their persistence as independent living people. The opportunities for research in geriatrics are essentially unlimited.”

David H. Solomon, MD
Director, UCLA Center on Aging
UCLA School of Medicine

Why Geriatrics as a Career Choice?

  • Great health care demands in geriatrics
  • Challenging field
  • Different diagnostic and management strategies required
  • Preventative strategies still apply
  • Interprofessional approach
  • Potential to make a difference

Above content taken from the American Geriatrics Society, "Why Geriatrics as a Career Choice?"

Additional Resources on Geriatrics as a career choice:

  1. "Careers in Aging"
  2. "Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce"


Physician Recruitment Center

The Physician Recruitment Center is an online destination where exciting opportunities and job openings for geriatricians and family physicians are posted regularly by recruiters. The Center offers you valuable resources if you are curious about or in need of new professional possibilities, such as practice partnerships, academic appointments, or staff positions at hospitals and other facilities.

Please visit the Physician Recruitment Center website to learn more.

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