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This webinar illuminates what administrators and teachers can actually do to prevent suicide, to intervene with suicidal young people, and to effectively respond in the aftermath of a suicide. The presenters, Dr. Scott Poland, Dr. Douglas Flemons, and Dr. Donna Poland, will share their extensive knowledge from both mental-health and administrative viewpoints.

Dr. Poland, Co-Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office, created this important video on the issue of self-injury. In "Self-Injury: Testimony, Insight, and Critical Issues," participants will gain insight into the incidence of self-injury and associated risk factors, the new breed of self-injury, the relationship between self-injury and suicide, and major theories related to self-injury. Focus will also be on hearing from those who have struggled with self-injury. Open the "Training Videos" tab to watch the video now.

Composer and Performer of "Beauty that Remains": Shawn Snyder

Drs. Flemons and Poland use Dr. Thomas Joiner’s theoretical ideas about murder-suicide to discuss the Germanwings pilot who purposefully crashed a plane with 144 passengers and 6 crewmembers.