About The Starting Right Program

Starting Right is an early intervention, parent-child class designed to serve children 18-36 months of age exhibiting delays in language and social skills.  The program is designed to increase communication, social and school readiness skills.  It also provides caregivers with techniques and strategies to use in the classroom and at home. 

Classes meet from 8:30am to 12:30pm two days a week (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday).  Intensive hour long 1:1 sessions are also provided bi-monthly on Friday mornings.  During their time in the classroom, children and parents participate in a variety of activities: with the total class, in small groups and in 1:1 ratios.  The classroom provides a highly structured environment which allows the children to engage in diverse learning opportunities.  Individual visual schedules are used to enable children to navigate the classroom and provide a guide for what is going to happen throughout the day.