About Baudhuin Preschool

The Mailman Segal Center’s Baudhuin Preschool, located on the main campus of Nova Southeastern University, is an internationally recognized, model program for children with autism spectrum disorders. The program is offered in partnership with the School Board of Broward County. Collaborative opportunities with other NSU departments in academics, research, and clinical work enrich the educational experience. 

The Baudhuin Preschool program is built on the belief that each child is unique in ability, talent and learning style. The program supports the qualities and capabilities of each child. Designed for children three years of age through pre-kindergarten, this therapeutic program focuses on cognitive, social-emotional, adaptive, behavioral, motor, and communication skill development within a relationship-based environment. We provide each child with choices, challenges, and opportunities that nurture feelings of competence, promote intellectual growth, and enable each child to achieve his or her potential.

The Baudhuin Preschool Needs Your Support

The Baudhuin Preschool Needs Your HelpThe teachers and staff of the Baudhuin Preschool are devoted to helping each student maximize their developmental potential. Please help ensure that all future Baudhuin students can continue to receive the best experience and opportunities possible. Learn More

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Starting Right

Starting Right is an early intervention, parent-child class designed to serve children 18-36 months of age exhibiting delays in language and social skills. Learn more...