Access Plus Program FAQ

The fee for Access Plus is $8,000 per semester.  This is in addition to Nova Southeastern University’s tuition schedule for undergraduate programs.

There are a number of funding streams available for students with autism spectrum disorder, which include Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicaid Waiver, financial aid loans, and private scholarships. Funding through Medicaid Waiver varies from state to state, please check with your local Medicaid office.   Pell Grants and Perkins and Stafford Loans  may also be used to pay these fees. Private scholarships available to students with HFA and AD include: the CVS All Kids Can Scholars Program, the Schwallie Family Scholarship Program, and the Jan LaBelle Scholarship Program. The Access Plus staff will assist students in resource and referral to access these funding opportunities.

No, applicants must first apply to Nova Southeastern University. Upon acceptance in an NSU undergraduate program, they may apply to Access Plus. Applicants must meet NSU’s admission requirements as determined by the program of application.

Contact the Access Plus office at (954) 262- 7168 or click here.