Apply to the Access Plus Program

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The following information is necessary for your application:

  • Current (within the past 12 months) ¬†evaluations in the areas of cognition including intelligence (ex.Wechsler Scales of Intelligence (WISC or WAIS), Stanford Binet etc.));
  • evidence of academic achievement in the form of grades and standardized achievement tests; (ex. Woodcock-Johnson Achievement);
  • adaptive behavior measures completed by school personnel and family members (ex. Adaptive Behavioe Assessment System, Vineland etc.);
  • phone interviews with high school or college personnel; ¬†and
  • school behavior intervention plans letters of support from current teachers

Yes. As Access Plus is a highly personalized program, an in-person, on-campus interview is required. Through this interview, students and families can tour NSU and learn about the academic programs offered on campus. Most importantly, the interview will help determine if this is the right program for the student.

Applicants have to meet NSU’s admission requirements as determined by the program of application.

An admissions team for Access Pluswill review each student application to make decisions about which students will have a high likelihood of being successful at NSU through the Access Plus program.