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Child Life Program Overview

Child life specialists are pediatric health care professionals who are trained to support coping and adjustment through therapeutic play, diagnostic education, age-appropriate preparation and expressive activities that enhance understanding and support mastery of challenging experiences. Child life specialists provide evidence-based developmentally appropriate interventions for children and families impacted by healthcare concerns. Therapeutic interventions provided are intended to reduce fear, anxiety and pain and to enhance and support adaptive coping. (

NSU’s child life curriculum aligns with the current academic and clinical requirements as set forth by the Association of Child Life Professionals. Students have the flexibility to select the courses and experience they will need to meet the child life certification exam eligibility requirements. Please visit the Association of Child Life Professionals’ website for more information on certification requirements

Upon completion of the program, graduates will demonstrate efficacy in:

*Students are encouraged to research child life internship programs, application requirements, and to apply directly to the child life programs of their choosing.*

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