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Faculty Resources

Nova Southeastern University faculty plays a critical role in student development, both inside and outside the classroom.  As research continues to shed light on the importance and positive impact of infusing service learning into the undergraduate curriculum, Nova Southeastern University aims to provide these experiences to our students.  Below are a series of resources, including sample syllabi, reflection material, and links to peer-reviewed material related to making a connection between community-based learning, issue-based education, and relating work in the community back to the curriculum. Additionally, NSU was given the honor in 2011 of being named as one of 20 colleges nationwide committed to community service. View the entire article at USA Today Online.

Service Learning Resources

NSU's Service-Learning Definition

Florida Department of Education-Defining Service Learning

Florida Campus Compact 

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning

Community-Based Learning: Humanizing Education

Shumer, R. (1994). Community-based learning: Humanizing education. Journal of adolescence17(4), 357-367. 

Community-Based Learning: Engaging Students for Success and Citizenship

Melaville, A., Berg, A. C., & Blank, M. J. (2006). Community-Based Learning: Engaging Students for Success and Citizenship. Coalition for Community Schools

Community-Based Research as Pedagogy

Strand, K. J. (2000). Community-based Research as Pedagogy. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning7, 85-96.

Below are sample syllabi and other curriculum materials provided by the Campus Compact national office.

Microbiology at Kapiolani Community College

General Education Biology at Miami-Dade College

Intro to Software Engineering at Southwest Missouri State University

Educational Psychology at Hamline University

Community Based Research in Education at University of Notre Dame

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