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It's as Much an Honor for Us as it is for You

What if you could take a course called Chick Lit, Chick Flick or how about Future History, Amoebas to Zebras: Life on Earth, Culture Wars, Quarks to Quasars or The Human Mind? Pretty cool, right? These are just a sample of the kinds of Honors classes offered at NSU.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when all the traditional boundaries are stripped away.

NSU created the Undergraduate Honors Program for students who have demonstrated a passion for learning and crave more from their college experience. The program is intensely personal, offering broader, richer, and deeper insights into topics that are appealing to each individual student. The goal isn’t to make students work harder, but to help them get more from the work they do. Carefully selected faculty members and coursework ensure that the program is engaging and involving, with emphasis placed on achieving greater understanding of concepts. The program fosters powerful mentoring relationships between students and their professors, and provides life-changing learning opportunities through research, social activities, and real-world encounters.

“Honors Program classes provide you with exclusive, unique, and challenging experiences in the classroom and beyond.”

Don Rosenblum, Ph.D.
Dean of the Farquhar Honors College

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