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What is Project RISE?

Project Rise is a quality improvement initiative funded by The Children’s Trust. Project RISE is designed to help Trust-funded Youth After-school Programs and Summer Camps (YAS) and Youth Enrichment (YEN) agencies quality of care rise to meet the health and safety, academic, and social-emotional needs of the youth they serve. We not only provide support through training and evaluation to help YAS and YEN programs be the best that they can be, but we also assist the Trust in data analysis and outcome identification for YAS and YEN programs.


Project RISE is focused on using research to support programs and is guided by five (5) main principles: Feedback, Relationships, Effort, Support, and High-Level Coordination

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How can Project RISE help you?

Project RISE offers free face-to-face, regularly scheduled training and online training to all Trust-funded YAS and YEN programs. In addition, through the use of assessment tools, we are able to identify your staff and program's strengths as well as any areas where support is needed. Once these areas are identified, we can offer your program free individual technical support. Trainings and technical assistance are available in the areas of:

  • Literacy strategies
  • Homework assistance
  • Behavior management strategies, including managing challenging behaviors
  • Improving youths' fitness outcomes
  • Youth development strategies
  • Programmatic outcome measurement (e.g., PACER, Oral Reading Fluency)

What is the Project RISE training philosophy?

Project RISE makes a distinction between “presentations” intended to produce greater knowledge and awareness, and “trainings” which are designed to produce lasting changes in skills and performance. Often presentations precede training in the sense that awareness and knowledge-building exercises must serve as the building blocks for lasting behavioral changes.  Therefore, Project RISE-sponsored workshops follow a standard, four-phase format.

  • In Phase I, engagement of the learner, the presenter explains the topic and as well as the relevance of the presentation to the learner, their job, career-planning, and ultimately the quality of the child-care program as a whole.
  • In Phase II, presenters will demonstrate or model the skill or skills to be learned (where relevant).
  • In Phase III, the participants will be invited to practice the skill and receive feedback on the execution of the skill.
  • Phase IV is a generalization and maintenance phase which will provide on-site monitoring and feedback on performance of the skill or skills.

How do I qualify for assistance from Project RISE?

All YAS and YEN programs funded by The Children’s Trust qualify for support from Project RISE.