Rise Initiatives

Quality Standards for Youth Development Programs

Project RISE is dedicated to helping Youth Development (YD) agencies agencies create effective and innovative programs for Miami-Dade County youth. In other words, we want programs that work. To begin this process, RISE has developed a set of Quality Standards, providing a framework to create optimal conditions for student learning and growth in YD programs. The standards are the combined input from several stakeholder groups—parents, children, agency administrators and staff, and school and community leaders.  These Standards serve as the basis for RISE planning and training in eight (8) areas:  Health and Safety; Interactions; Staff Development; Activities; Inclusion (in concert with The Advocacy Network on Disabilities); Program Structure; Space and Furnishings; and Effective Program Elements.

Research-Based Evaluation and Training

Part of Project RISE’s mission is to evaluate programs in the Quality Standard areas.  However, RISE also shares the Trust’s vision of using research-based measures to evaluate overall program quality as well as change in reading, fitness, and social behavior.  These measures allow for objective assessment in critical areas of quality and outcome performance, with results guiding future training and changes.

Professional Development

RISE has developed coaching and training services for Youth Development program staff at all levels.  With this focus on professional development, direct-services staff in Miami-Dade County are better able to create innovative, effective programs for young people.  Through these programs, youth develop their academic competencies as well as skills in such areas as technology, critical thinking, oral and written communication, career development, and acceptance of individuals from various backgrounds.

Pilot Research Programs

RISE’s emphasis on research extends to ‘testing’ the effectiveness of programs as well as evaluating the feasibility of these program elements with Miami-Dade County Youth Development providers. 

Publications and Resources

RISE creates and provides access to resources through publications, reports, and additional program support. Concurrently, RISE works to disseminate the latest findings in Youth Development and provide access to other resources for youth, families and community-based organizations.


Project RISE partners with other Program and Professional Development (PPD) agencies and other Miami-Dade initiatives to ensure that Youth Development Programs receive custom-tailored services based on their individual needs.



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