Trust Academy  (formerly known to providers as CollaborNation) Learning Management System (LMS) is now home to all your learning needs! All the great courses and resources from Project RISE are now hosted in Trust Academy LMS.  This will be a one-stop shop for all future live event training and online courses required by The Children’s Trust

If your Trust-funded position was included in Trust Central by your  Agency Admin , log in to  Trust Central  to access Trust Academy LMS using the Learning Management System (LMS) module.

To see all online courses, click Show Categories in the Course Catalog and start learning!

If you do not have access to Trust Central, see your Agency Admin to get started. If you have any other questions about Trust Academy, please visit the Trust Academy User Guide.
For an overview of planned trainings for the year, please click log into Trust Academy look under the Resources tab. 
The CollaborNation LMS sites for Project RISE and The Advocacy Network on Disabilities are no longer available .  Previous accounts from those sites will continue to be matched as accounts are created in Trust Central  (as long as your Trust Central email address matches the email addressed used with CollaborNation)  so credit for trainings taken in the past will be on transcripts in new Trust Academy accounts. If you do not see your previous trainings on your Trust Academy transcript, then your email addresses do not match. Please call CypherWorx technical support at 888-685-4440 and have them match your accounts.