Coaching Support

What is Coaching?

Project RISE provides on-site coaching support to Trust-funded Youth Development providers to assist in the areas of literacy, fitness, behavior management, and youth development strategies.

How can I request coaching for my program?

Simply submit a request for coaching form. Once Project RISE receives this request, a RISE representative contacts the site to schedule a visit to explain what coaching entails and discuss your program’s wants and needs, etc. An instructional coach then schedules an appointment to complete an observation at your site.

What will a coach do at my site?

The instructional coach first conducts an observation at your site. Upon completion, the instructional coach then provides the results of that observation to the staff involved; and if needed, the staff and coach create a coaching plan together. Project RISE continues to work with your site until there has been improvement in the agreed-upon items from the coaching plan.

How often do coaches go to provider sites?

The number of visits depends on the provider's needs. Typically, this may be anywhere between 3 and 10 visits, but the coach and provider work together to decide when progress has been made.

Can our program add coaching to our growth plan?

Yes! Adding coaching to your site's growth plan is a great way to meet the goals your program has set for itself. To learn more about this, complete a request for coaching form and meet with a RISE representative to discuss this further.

Behavior Management Issues?

If you would like assistance with a child who has behavioral concerns and does not have a documented disability, please submit a request for coaching form and indicate the specific issue.

If the child in question has a documented disability, the provider needs to contact The Advocacy Network on Disabilities.

Additional On-site Support

What else can Project RISE help us with?

Sometimes, providers need help with other areas, such as:

  • Assessments: Staff who have passed the ORF, Maze, or PACER training but still feel unsure can request to give assessments alongside a Project RISE instructional coach to ensure accuracy and instill confidence in the staff member.
  • Understanding Data: Project RISE will show you how to interpret the data gathered from outcome assessments, and use it to improve your program's activities. 
  • Administrative Items, including curricula and schedules.

If your program needs additional on-site support, please submit a request for coaching form to schedule a site visit.


What kind of materials does Project RISE offer?

Several current and former Project RISE staff members lived and played in Louisiana at some point and learned about lagniappe, a popular term that refers to that "extra something." It can be the 13th doughnut in a baker’s dozen, or the "gift with purchase." In South America, this is known as “la ñapa.” We’ve decided to continue this Louisiana/South American tradition and give back that something "extra" in the form of programmatic materials.  These include both physical materials and assessment materials.  

Physical materials include bins and pillows; books and literacy materials; balls, bean bags, cones, hula hoops, and other fitness materials, and much more!

Assessment materials include ORF, Maze, and PACER materials, including scoring forms, answer keys, and the PACER cadence audio file. 

How can my program receive materials support?

Physical material needs are determined by Project RISE coaches when they visit a program. If you believe your site has needs that Project RISE can assist you with, please submit a request for coaching form  to schedule a site visit.

Digital materials can all be found on Trust Academy's Resources tab. Please log into Trust Academy through your Trust Central account.


Additional Information

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