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Maintaining Student Status

  • Keep your passport valid at all times
  • Maintain full course of study during each term
  • Maintain good academic standing and show successful progress towards the completion of your course of study. Failure to maintain good academic enrollment can affect your immigration status and can cause your I-20 to be terminated immediately. If this happens, the student MUST leave the country immediately.
  • Have a valid I-20 form
  • Notify the Office of International Students and Services of any address change within 10 days
  • Notify OISS of your intent to change programs
  • Do not accept off-campus employment without proper authorization
  • Get approval for medical leave from OISS prior to withdrawing from courses

The staff at the OISS is here to assist you; however, it is your responsibility to maintain your immigration status. When you sign your I-20 and use this document to enter the United States in F-1 status, you certify that you understand the terms and conditions concerning your admission to stay in the United States.

Violation of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations will result in the loss of your student status and may result in further action by USCIS. 

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