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Policies and Procedures

Prospect Assignment Policy

Managed prospects must be moved through the development process within a specified time frame. A formal strategy for each is developed with the Executive Director. All actions or contacts must be recorded in the constituent's file in Banner. If significant progress toward closing a gift is not accomplished within three to six months, the prospect assignment will be reviewed and may be assigned to another project.

Prospects are assigned to an individual project according to the prioritized prospect categories listed below. After initial contact is made and special interests have been determined through completion of the listening step, the interest of the donor becomes the determinant of prospect assignment, overriding Prospect Assignment Criteria and all other assignment criteria. 

Prospect Clearinghouse Criteria must meet 1 or more of the following:

  • Previous donor of $500 or more to any NSU development project, school or center
  • A natural constituent of a school/center or project:
    1. Member of external advisory board of school/center or project
    2. An alum of a school/center
    3. Parent or grandparent of student in school/center or project
    4. Student
    5. Employee
  • An individual, corporation, firm or practice with a logical professional or business connection. For example, a corporation manufacturing computers could be assigned initially to SCIS or SBE until the prospect's special interests could be determined. A pharmaceutical corporation could be a prospect for SBE or HPD. An accounting firm is logically connected to SBE. Athletic equipment companies and professional sports organizations initially seem related to NSU's athletic projects, but discussions with them could reveal that they prefer to support social service projects.
  • University vendors
    Vendors may be asked to support two (2) special events or university projects each year. Vendors are requested to participate in this support level through the Business Services/Purchasing Offices. Clearance through the Development Office is required before solicitation of any gift, discounted or free service, or gift-in-kind takes place. Prospect Management will coordinate vendor solicitation through Business Services/Purchasing.

    Vendors such as Coca-Cola, Nova Books, Icon, Miller & Solomon General Contractors or Classic Catering- whose products or services serve virtually the entire university - are prospects only for the fundraising project identified by the Trustees and President as the university's greatest need. If the vendor volunteers to support projects in addition to the identified priority, the development director of the lesser project will notify Prospect Management which will notify Purchasing.

    Vendors such as psychological test publishers, medical equipment manufacturers, discipline-specific publishers, information services or transportation services - whose services or products primarily serve a single school/center or department - initially are assigned to the school/center or project that uses most of the vendor's services or products. The Development Director in the school/center must utilize the prospect assignment process to secure access to his/her center's vendors.
  • New friends of NSU
    An individual, corporation or professional who does not fit into any other prospect category and who has no history of involvement or gifts to the university, but who is being introduced to the university will be assigned to the school/center or project whose staff and/or supporters initiate the new relationship unless and until the prospect's or university's interests conflict with this assignment.
  • Before soliciting any gift or gift-in-kind from a vendor, individual, corporation or foundation, prospect must be cleared by the Development Office. This policy includes all organizations within the university including student, parent and volunteer clubs, advisory boards and other organizations.
  • The Director of Development responsible for a school, center or project is responsible for seeing that all fundraising occurring within that entity follows the prospect assignment and clearinghouse process.
  • All funds raised for any university school, center, project or internal organization must be transmitted through the development office; accounts may not be maintained outside the university finance operation.

Prospect Clearinghouse Process

Conflict in prospect assignment existing after the clearinghouse process will be negotiated by the Development Directors involved, the Executive Director and the Assistant Director, Advancement Research and Prospect Management. If the conflict cannot be resolved by these individuals, the Executive Director may make the determination of prospect assignment on the basis of these factors:

  • Known philanthropic interests and history of the project
  • Quality of NSU contact's personal relationship with prospect that would predict maximum gift
  • Overall needs of the entire university determined by the President and Trustees
  • Interests of external contact person(s) introducing NSU to a firm, corporation, practice or individual - unless the contact's preferences conflict with those of the firm, corporation, practice or individual.
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