The World is Our Classroom

Classrooms are great, but sometimes, you just have to get out into the real world and see things for yourself. NSU’s extensive, field-based, travel-study opportunities offer an unparalleled exposure to the real world, all over the world. Travel study can mean living in Paris for a year while studying French or art history. It might mean living aboard a ship in the Semester at Sea Program. Or it could be an archeological dig or conservation work in a rainforest.  Students who want to add this experience to their academic lives have a great variety of programs to choose from, as well as opportunities to discover programs offered by other institutions and organizations, held in 150 countries.  Such trips offer a broad range of international academic and cultural activities.

"We teach in the jungle, we teach in the ocean, we teach all over the world. There's a tremendous connection between teacher and student, and that makes for cutting-edge education."

—Barry Barker, Ed.D.
  Associate Professor

Study Abroad Spotlights