Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Yes, NSU’s Grand Orientation is mandatory.

If you are unable to attend NSU’s Grand Orientation, please contact us at  Further instructions will be shared by an office representative.

Mandatory means that you will need to sign in and out of sessions that are marked as mandatory in your orientation schedule. Students will be asked to sign both in and out to make sure you were in attendance of those sessions.

Please be aware that the Grand Orientation schedule involves a lot of moving between buildings throughout the day. Because of this, we recommend wearing a comfortable pair of shoes and light clothing. Please refrain from inappropriate clothing that may have profane logos/words or are revealing.

Shark Preview is an opportunity for students who are still making a decision about attending NSU as their undergraduate college and discover why others’ love being a Shark.  Preview will help to solidify a student’s choice in NSU.  This program is voluntary and will be help in February and March before a student’s fall term start.  Shark Preview does not count towards completion of one’s mandatory orientation requirement. 

Please visit Testing Services to learn more about placement exams, hours of operation, and location.

All students and parents should bring spending money for snacks, drinks, and items from our campus bookstore. Dress comfortably, as all orientation sessions require walking around campus during the day. Consider bringing a light jacket in case the temperature changes indoors and outdoors. Cell phones may not be activated during workshops and sessions. Remember to bring your vehicle registration information in order to register your vehicle and obtain a parking pass. Also, if you are interested in waiving NSU's student health insurance, please bring your current health insurance card.

For overnight programs, be sure your student brings:

  • bed pillows

  • bed linens (single/extra long) or sleeping bag

  • towels and washcloths

  • toiletries

  • an alarm clock

  • an umbrella

  • sunglasses

  • sunscreen

  • wardrobe suitable for outdoor activities, competitive games, and a casual evening indoor social.

Academic Advising

Contact the Undergraduate Academic Advising to view resources and schedule and appointment.

Challenge exams are only administered to students who have been referred by an academic advisor to take a challenge exam. These exams are administered in the Tutoring and Testing Center, located on the second floor of the Student Affairs Building (previously called the ASA Building).

To see if you are eligible to take a challenge exam, speak to your advisor and then contact Tutoring and Testing Center at (954) 262-8374 to set up a time to take the exam.

Parking, Costs and Accommodations

There is no charge to orientation participants but we advise you to bring pocket money for personal use.

Off campus accommodations are available for parents of students; however these accommodations are the responsibility of your parents and guests. You may visit the university's travel website for assistance in finding suitable accommodations.

Residential students are required to park in their assigned residential parking lot.  Upon move-in, students will be notified of their residential facility.  Commuter students can park any of the blue areas featured on the campus map.

Campus Maps and Transportation


International students are an important part of the NSU community. You are required as well to attend NSU’s Grand Orientation.  Please identify yourself as an international student when you place your orientation reservation.

A special workshop for international students will be held during NSU’s Grand Orientation.  Undergraduate and graduate students will receive information regarding this session from the Office of International Students and Scholars. 

Student Identification

Retrieve your NSU e-mail account credentials by visiting My NSU Identity.

Retrieve your SharkLink ID (E-mail account, NSU ID, & PIN) by visiting My NSU Identity.

The Campus Card Office is located on the first floor of the new Don Taft University Center. Students will be able to receive their Sharkcard ID during NSU’s Grand Orientation.