Frequently Asked Questions

Important Questions

The SharkCard is a single, common and recognizable identification card for people who are affiliated with Nova Southeastern University. The SharkCard also features a wide range of on-campus services such as Meal Plans, photocopying, parking, pay for print, and vending.

The SharkCard is used for:

  • Identification
  • Library Card
  • Vending Machine Purchases
  • Photocopy services
  • Meal Plans
  • Building Access
  • Accessing Parking

To report a lost or stolen SharkCard, call 262-8929 (Option 1) immediately. Send an email to In the event that someone returns your SharkCard, simply bring a picture ID with you to the SharkCard Office to have your card returned to you. There is going to be a non-refundable charge of $25 for a replacement SharkCard.

If your NSU ID Card becomes damaged, broken, lost or stolen, the replacement fee is $25.00.

If a replacement ID card must be issued to a student in the distance learning program, they must send the payment of $25.00 in the form of a check to:

NSU Campus Card Services
University Center, RM 1202
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

Please make the check payable to: Nova Southeastern University.

A request for a replacement card due to a name change (marriage, divorce) will not follow the replacement fee structure, and will be reprinted with the new name at no charge. Please note that the Campus Card that reflects the “old” name must be turned in to the Campus Card Services Office before a replacement card with the new name can be re-printed. If it is determined that a name is incorrect due to the university's error, no charge will be assessed to the cardholder for a replacement.

Please Note: If your NSU ID Card is replaced due to any of the circumstances stated above, the original NSU ID will be deactivated and cannot be reactivated should you find it at a later date.

Stored value is just that, stored, directly on the SmartChip. If you lose your SharkCard you may lose the stored value. However, unlike cash, you have a good chance of getting your SharkCard back since it contains your identification.

To ensure that your NSU Campus Card is maintained in the best possible manner, please make sure that your NSU Campus Card is not left in a vehicles' glove box, on the dashboard, around the rear view mirror or left anywhere else within a vehicle. The heat that builds up within a closed vehicle can warp, crack or break all or a portion of the card rendering the card unusable at locations on or off campus that accept the Campus Card (Library, Parking, Copiers, Pay-for-Print, Cash-to-Chip machines, vending, laundry, etc.). The Campus Card should not be housed within a wallet (especially a man's wallet) due to the fact that the card can become bent, and could crack. It is also recommended that all NSU Campus Cards not be kept in close proximity of magnetic devices at any time. Rule of thumb regarding the storage and handling of the NSU Campus Card is that the card should be worn at all times while on or within any NSU campus or facility. The Card should not be defaced, and no holes or alterations (hole punches for example) should be undertaken to ease the carrying or use of the card with a keychain. The NSU Campus Card has an embedded antenna engineered within the card itself. This antenna allows for physical access into parking lots and garages as well as access into approved locations on campus. Drilling or punching a hole in the NSU Campus Card will compromise the cards ability to work properly in various ways. Please keep the card in a clear card jacket (available at Campus Card Services, Room #1202, University Center, Main Campus) and worn at all times on campus. Individuals requesting replacement campus cards will incur a replacement charge of $25.00. This charge will occur on all replacements after the initial card issued by NSU.

For additional information or questions Please consult our staff in the SharkCard Office:

Nova Southeastern University
SharkCard Office
University Center, RM 1202
3301 College Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
Phone Number 262-8929 or 262-1134


HPD Card Office
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5pm

SharkCard Office
Monday - Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm

* Any temporary change in hours will be posted at the SharkCard Office.

No, the NSU ID card will not deactivate immediately. Instead, the card will remain active for 6 months after the end of your last class. This will enable you to access parking and use other NSU facilities to finish extended class projects, etc.

The Pay-for-Print allocation consists of 750 free prints to be used only for printing purposes within the NSU Microlabs throughout the South Florida campuses. The 750 print allocation runs from July 1st of each year through June 30th of the next fiscal year. Each year on June 30th , any remaining Pay-for-Print balance not yet used will be forfeited. On July 1st of each year, all registered NSU students (non-tuition waiver) will receive a new allocation of 750 free prints.

In the near future, Web Revalue will allow SharkCard holders to easily deposit or transfer money online into any one of the “purses” stored on their SharkCard. These purses are password-protected by the card’s enhanced security features. With a swipe, these funds can be used for many on-campus purchases and expenses, such as vending machines, the NSU Bookstore, on-campus printing, copier usage, library fees, and on-campus dining.

Yes. Since this is a new system, we will need to update all your information including you photo.

There will be no change in your access to parking facilities and buildings on campus. However, as of Spring 2007, your old SharkCard will no longer provide access to gated parking lots, garages, and buildings on campus. So, obtaining a new SharkCard is imperative to maintaining your current access to NSU facilities.

It will be appropriate to wear your SharkCard all times while on any NSU Campus. Similar to having your driver’s license when driving, having your SharkCard is required while you’re on campus. But, you won’t want to forget this card at home - you’ll find reasons to use it every day!

NSU is transitioning to the SharkCard to provide superior value and services to our students and staff and faculty members. The new card will provide increased security, expanded functionality, and a foundation from which to launch new student-centric applications as technologies evolve.

Yes. In the near future, Web Revalue will allow SharkCard holders or their parents to easily deposit or transfer money online into any one of the “purses” stored on their SharkCard.

It depends.

Any funds stored on a "Declining Balance Meal Plan" (either optional or mandatory) will be transferred to your new SharkCard.

Any funds remaining on the smartchip of your old SharkCard will be forfeited. In other words, any remaining funds that are stored on the chip will have to be used before the new SharkCard is issued. Funds on the chip can be used to pay for food at the dining halls, food/snack kiosks, or card-accepting vending machines at the selected locations on the main campus.

Yes. Your accessibility information for the University Center and other NSU buildings is stored on your SharkCard, thereby providing NSU RecPlex members with easy access to the facility while increasing campus security. As of Spring 2007, your old SharkCard will no longer provide access to any NSU building or facility. Use of the new SharkCard at arena events has not been finalized. More information will be provided in the near future.

No. The university moved away from the use of social security numbers during the summer of 2005. Each student is now issued a Student ID that is randomly generated and not connected to a social security number.

You may obtain your replacement card by presenting your old SharkCard or showing another form of photo identification during the re-carding event.

Yes. The new SharkCard will be the official SharkCard. It will have all the functionality of the current Campus Card. New equipment that accepts the SharkCard will be installed at NSU’s distance campuses.

If you do not frequent the main campus, you will be required to mail in a passport-sized picture and the completed agreement form. The card office will process the application and send the new SharkCard to you via U.S. Mail within two weeks. Click here for more information.

Yes. Just like your current NSU Campus Card, the Sharkcard will give you access to all the NSU library resources.

No. Your time and attendance records will not be affected during this transition.

Card Component Related Questions

The SharkCard features the most advanced technology on the market, including biometrics, a smartchip, and web revalue.

Biometrics can be defined as the automated use of physiological or behavioral characteristics to determine or verify identity. Biometric data will be used to identify SharkCard holders.

Biometric data is stored on the SharkCard to eliminate fraudulent use of your card. The data is read from your finger. This is NOT the same as a fingerprint since only a few data points will be stored, and a fingerprint cannot be generated from this data. The biometrics data is ONLY stored on your card - it is never stored anywhere else. Your biometric data will be encrypted and therefore cannot be stolen, retrieved, or duplicated without the key. NSU is pleased to provide you with the highest level, state-of-the-art security for your ID Card.

The components of the SharkCard are:

NSU Card

The ISO# is a unique, computer generated, 16-digit number used with some campus systems and the future banking features. This # will appear on the face of the SharkCard. If the SharkCard is lost or stolen, a new ISO# will be generated when the card is replaced, and the old ISO# will be permanently cancelled.

The SmartChip is located on the front of the SharkCard. The SmartChip is a multi-application chip that has the ability to store a prepaid value directly on the card. You can load up to $99 on the SmartChip. Prepaid value can be added in increments of $1, $5, $10, or $20 at Cash-to-Chip machines located around campus.

Use this prepaid value at photocopiers, printers, beverage machines, parking garages and at various on-campus vendors. Please be aware that your stored value is just that, stored directly on the SmartChip. If you lose your SharkCard you will lose the stored value. However, unlike cash, you have a good chance of getting your SharkCard back since it contains your identification.

You can add value to your SmartChip is through Cash to Chip machines located in a variety of places on campus as well as at the SharkCard office. You must put your SharkCard and cash into the machine and the value will be transferred immediately to your SmartChip.

Insert your SharkCard in any SmartChip reader to see your SmartChip balance. Press the return key to retrieve your SharkCard. Each time you use your SmartChip, the beginning balance, the amount of the transaction and the remaining balance will all show on the reader.

The Magnetic Stripe is the large black stripe on the back of the SharkCard. The Magnetic Stripe is a multi-functional stripe that can be used for the following services:

  • Identification
  • Library Card
  • Meal Plans
  • Building Access

Your University ID# (usually your Social Security number, unless you have been given a different number) will not appear on the face of your SharkCard, but will be encoded electronically on your card. Your University ID# is used for Nova Southeastern University internal purposes, such as student and/or personnel services where access to your records is required. The number will not be provided to outside entities without the cardholder's prior consent.

The available SmartChip balance and the last 10 SmartChip monetary transactions are stored on the SmartChip.

Yes, the SharkCard Office does keep the digitized photos and signatures stored exclusively in the SharkCard database. This allows for instant card replacement. The photo and signature also give us an additional means of identifying persons requesting replacement cards.

  • Library Card

    Library Card

  • Cash Card
    Cash Card