A Message from Nova Singers' President Meredith Shuster

Dear Family in song,

During last year’s second term, I found myself in the audience. What a treat! It was wonderful feeling the energy you generated and noticing its effect on the audience. During Homeward Bound, tears were running down people’s cheeks. Almost every foot I could see was tapping away as you sang Down by the Riverside and every face had a smile as the men sang the 12 th Street Rag, hats and all. We do more than sing. We perform! We entertain! We create “Magic”.

We have all seen performances of one kind or another that had the earmarks of being great, but fell short. What is the secret? Sammy Davis Jr. once said, “It is not what the performer makes the audience think, but what he (she) makes them feel. They will forget your words (song) but they will remember that you touched their heart.” We know that secret – for thirty-one years it has been nurtured and matured into what we call the “Nova Sound”.

Let’s all be thirty-two together! You are part of that “Sound”, part of our “Family” and are invited back for the thirty-second year of the Nova Singers. The chance to be a part of something GREAT comes along so rarely. Don’t miss this year! Please return the enclosed postcard by August 10 th; better yet, check that you are coming back and mail it today.

Auditions will be held at Hollywood Hills HS in the music room on August 21 st and 28 th at 7:00 p.m. You are welcome to come and bring a singer – or just come and lend your support. I look forward to serving you this year. See you on September 4 th, 7:00 p.m. at Hollywood Hills!

Meredith Shuster

President 2007-2008