A Message from Nova Singers' President Marsha Burmeister

It's all part of the experience!

I confess that I am a fan of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It is rather a classic at this point. I also confess that it serves as a soundtrack for my preparation of Thanksgiving dinner and on throughout the remaining days of the year. I know every word of every scene -- much as one would memorize a piece of music. For me, this film in my memory on automatic replay.

In the movie, Clark Griswold defines the experience of a "good old family Christmas." Substitute the holiday or family event of your choice: the concept remains the same. What happens IS "all part of the experience."

The auditions (and our memories of them), "first night" rehearsals and those Tuesday nights of togetherness, and the culminating concerts that bring everything together all constitute the "Nova Singers experience." As my theme this year, we will appreciate the many contributions that are made to the Singers. Be they visible (singing, singing a solo, playing an instrument, being a member of our audience) or behind the scenes (concert set-up, publicity, financial support) EVERY contribution creates the Nova Singers experience. In other words, we need everyone in order to create the experience.

Our audience is a major part of the experience. Family, friends, community members: you are foundational to the Nova Singers experience. We thank you in advance for your support by your attendance at our concerts, the generous financial support you provide for our Ad Journal, the purchase of our recordings, and the time you give to allow our members to meet together for rehearsals.

Thank you for your continued support. As we celebrate our 31st season in South Florida, we look forward to having you with us as part of the experience!


Marsha Burmeister

President 2006-2007

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