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The Gift of Music
A Message from Nova Singers President Robert Tomlinson

Dear Friends and Supporters of Nova Singers:

Whatever your place in the Nova Singers family, I want to thank you. One of the things that I continue to see more and more during my years with Nova Singers is how it takes so many people filling so many functions to keep this great group going and to preserve its proud legacy. Not only those who sing and play instruments, but those who perform the many administrative, engineering, logistical and financial tasks that a group of this size requires. And of course my thanks to the advertisers in our ad journal (distributed at all of our concerts) that help us pay for music, facilities, personnel and other expenses that we incur. And let me not forget those who appreciate what we do, the audiences who come to our concerts and purchase our recordings.

I consider it a privilege to be a member of this great group, in addition to serving as its president this year. We had an outstanding previous year, including singing in some great new venues, performing some great new pieces with their composers in our audience and meeting and performing with some other musical groups for the first time. I can hardly wait to see what opportunities come our way this year, our twenty-eighth! Recording a new CD and a concert tour overseas are already in the very early stages of planning.

Some may not realize this, but this is an all-volunteer group that practices together only one evening per week. Although everyone in the group would be considered a musician, for many music is only an avocation, as they earn their living in a non-music field. On the other hand, this group is proud to include in its membership some of the finest school, church and other music performers and professionals in the area.

If you enjoy this type of music enough to consider singing with us, please make plans to attend one of our auditions, held each year during two weeks in mid August. We also encourage anyone interested in joining our group to make arrangements to attend one or more of our Tuesday night practices - even if you don't audition or join, you will be sure to have a great time!

Again, for whatever you have done and continue to do on behalf of Nova Singers, thank you!

All the best,

Robert Tomlinson


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