Mini-Symposium 7:
Diseases on Coral Reefs

Poster Presentations: Monday, July 7, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
7.162 Disease ecology and local patterns of yellow band syndrome in a Caribbean reef Susanne SOKOLOW*, Patrick FOLEY, Janet FOLEY
7.163 Catastrophic losses in coral cover in US Virgin Islands follow 2005-06 coral bleaching and disease event Jeff MILLER*, Erinn MULLER, Caroline ROGERS, Andrea ATKINSON, Rob WAARA, Andy DAVIS, Kevin R. T. WHELAN, Matt PATTERSON, Tony SPITZACK
7.164 Status of coral reef diseases and decline of coral reefs in Puerto Rico Ernesto WEIL*, Aldo CROQUER, Emmanuel IRIZARRY, Kathleen FLYNN, Isabel URREIZTIETA
7.165 Requiem or Recovery? -- Long-Term Effects of Black Band Disease, Phormidium corallictum on survival of Montastraea faveolata at Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Florida. J. Harold HUDSON*, Billy D. CAUSEY, PH.D., Jeff ANDERSON, Bill GOODWIN
7.166 Rapid coral reef decline in the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. Ernesto WEIL*, Emmanuel IRIZARRY, Aldo CROQUER, Isabel URREIZTIETA
7.167 How does Black Band Disease affect the benthic ecology of reefs in Los Cayos Cochinos, Honduras? Jonathan SHRIVES*, Martin SPEIGHT
7.168 Prevalence of coral disease and partial mortality patterns in coral colonies of Montastraea annularis, Diploria strigosa and Siderastrea siderea in the back reef of Puerto Morelos Q. Roo, Mexico. Miguel MALDONADO*, Eric JORDAN
7.169 A Four Year Fine Scale Record of a Coral Disease Outbreak in the Marshall Islands Dean JACOBSON*
7.171 Black Band Disease Outbreak in Nikko Bay, Palau Alma RIDEP-MORRIS*
7.172 The Black Band Disease of Indonesian Coral Reefs Agus SABDONO*, Ocky RADJASA
7.173 Coral and crustose coralline algae disease on the reefs of American Samoa Greta AEBY*, Thierry WORK, Douglas FENNER, Eva DIDONATO
7.174 Coral Disease Prevalence and Dynamics in the Wakatobi Marine National Park, South-East Sulawesi, Indonesia Jessica HAAPKYLA*, Adrian S. SEYMOUR, David SMITH
7.176 Preliminary Results on Coral Disease Prevalence in East Africa Mohammed MOHAMMED*, Narriman JIDDAWI
7.177 Impact of aspergillosis on the reproduction of the sea fan Gorgonia ventalina Kathleen FLYNN*, Ernesto WEIL
7.178 Seasonality of Halofolliculina sp. Infections in Acropora palmata at Los Roques National Park, Venezuela Sebastian RODRIGUEZ*, Carolina BASTIDAS, Aldo CROQUER
7.179 Physiological Effects of Aspergillosis in a Gorgonian from Bermuda Lisa RODRIGUES*
7.180 International Registry of Coral Pathology Shawn MCLAUGHLIN*, Dorothy HOWARD, Kathy PRICE, Cheryl WOODLEY
7.181 Distribution and morphology of growth anomalies in Acropora from the Indo-Pacific Thierry WORK*, Greta AEBY, Steve COLES
7.182 Description of New Putative Coral Diseases Infecting Corals in the Tropical Eastern Pacific. Raul NAVAS-CAMACHO*, Alberto RODRÍGUEZ-RAMÍREZ, Diego GIL-AGUDELO
7.183 Identifying Potential Pathogens of Montipora White Syndrome Through Microbial Community Profiling Ashley SMITH*, Teresa LEWIS, Greta AEBY, Thierry WORK, Jo-Ann LEONG
7.184 The Unknowns in Coral Disease Identification: An Experiment to Assess Consensus of Opinion amongst Experts Edward HIND*, Alasdair LINDOP
7.185 A gall-forming copepod causes localized bleaching of the coral Porites Hideyuki YAMASHIRO*
7.186 The infection of a parasitic copepod, Xarifia obesa on corals Ming-Jay HO*, Yu-Rong CHENG, Chang-Feng DAI
7.187 Characterizing surface microorganism diversity in healthy and diseased Gorgonia ventalina with universal 16S rDNA primers. Jason MACRANDER*
7.188 Ultrastructural and Histological Analysis of Dark Spot Syndrome (DSS) in Siderastrea siderea and Agaricia agaricites D. Abigail RENEGAR*, Patricia L. BLACKWELDER, Deborah J. GOCHFELD, Alison L. MOULDING
7.189 Characterization of Microbial Communities Associated with Black Band Diseased Corals by Targeting the 16S rRNA and DsrAB Genes Raju SEKAR, Longin KACZMARSKY, Laurie RICHARDSON*
7.190 Molecular analysis of bacteria associated with healthy and Yellow-band diseased Montastraea faveolata Joel THURMOND*, Weil ERNESTO, Kim RITCHIE
7.191 A survey of Vibrios associated with healthy and Yellow Band Diseased Montastraea faveolata Ross CUNNING*, Joel THURMOND, Garriet SMITH, Ernesto WEIL, Kim RITCHIE
7.192 Apoptosis in White Band Disease of Acropora palmata and A. cervicornis Eric BORNEMAN*, Amy SATER
7.193 Inoculation of Vibrio spp. onto Montastraea faveolata fragments to determine potential pathogenicity Ernesto WEIL*, Kim RITCHIE, Garriet SMITH
7.194 Incidence and Etiology of Diseases Affecting Massive Porites in Negros Oriental, Philippines Satoshi YAMAZAKI, JB TANANGONAN*
7.195 How Quickly does Gorgonia ventalina Mount a Cellular Response to Elicitors? Courtney COUCH*, C. Drew HARVELL, Esther PETERS, Laura MYDLARZ
7.196 Coral Molecular Responses to Disease David ANDERSON*, Sandra GILCHRIST, Megan PEDERSEN
7.197 Release of Antifungal Activities from Immune Challenged Sea Fans Nancy DOUGLAS*, Steve LOWES, C. Drew HARVELL
7.198 The Role of Nitric Oxide in the Immune Defenses of the Sea Fan Gorgonia ventalina Joyce STUCKEY*, Nancy DOUGLAS, Courtney SALTONSTALL, Catherine HARVELL
7.199 Antibacterial chemical defenses in corals: widespread but selective resistance to bacterial pathogens Deborah GOCHFELD*, Greta S. AEBY, Katerina PAPPAS
7.200 Optimization of bacterial challenge protocols for study of Montipora White Syndrome Teresa LEWIS*, Megan COLVIN, Ashley SMITH, Greta AEBY, Thierry WORK, Jo-Ann LEONG
7.201 Parrotfish as vectors of coral disease - Evaluation by comparison of bacterial populations Christopher SHERIDAN*, John C BYTHELL, Reia GUPPY, Randi D ROTJAN
7.202 Spatio-Temporal Transmission Patterns of Black Band Disease (BBD) In a Coral Community Assaf ZVULONI*, Yael ARTZY-RANDRUP, Lewi STONE, Esti KRAMARSKY-WINTER, Roy BARKAN, Ariel KUSHMARO, Yossi LOYA
7.203 Spatial and temporal variability in Caribbean coral and octocoral diseases. Ernesto WEIL, Aldo CROQUER*
7.204 Host Range and Infection Intensity of the Ectoparasite Neobenedenia melleni (MacCallum 1927) on Caribbean Coral Reef Fishes Paul SIKKEL*, Donna NEMETH, Amber MCCAMMON, Ernest WILLIAMS, Lillian TUTTLE
7.205 Differences in the Susceptibility to Black Band Disease (BBD) Between two Species of Diploria on the Reefs of Bermuda Kristin KUEHL*, Ross JONES, Laurie RICHARDSON
7.206 Reduced Fecundity in Yellow Band Diseased Colonies of the Caribbean Reef-building Species Montastraea faveolata. Ernesto WEIL*, Aldo CROQUER, Isabel URREIZTIETA
7.207 Ecological immunity of diseased and healthy Montastrea faveolata through the 2005 bleaching event Laura D. MYDLARZ*, Ernesto WEIL, Courtney S. COUCH, Nancy L. DOUGLAS, C. Drew HARVELL
7.208 On the White Plague Disease in Corals, With Remarks on the Interactions Between Disease, Environment and Host Santiago HERRERA*, Juan SANCHEZ