Mini-Symposium 5:
Functional Biology of Corals and Coral Symbiosis: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Physiology

Poster Presentations: Monday, July 7, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
5.100 The Effect of Different Flow Regimes on the Long-Term Skeletal Growth and Physiology of the Scleractinian Coral Galaxea fascicularis in a Closed Aquarium System Miriam SCHUTTER*, Max JANSE, Ronald OSINGA, Johan VERRETH, René WIJFFELS
5.102 The Tropical Sea Anemone Aiptasia pallida as a Lab Model for the Study of Coral Bleaching Ophélie LADRIÈRE*, Stéphane ROBERTY, Charlotte BAUDESSON, Philippe COMPÈRE, Fabrice FRANCK, Mathieu POULICEK
5.103 The Tissue-Skeleton Interface in the Scleractinian Coral Stylophora pistillata Eric TAMBUTTÉ*, Denis ALLEMAND, Didier ZOCCOLA, Anders MEIBOM, Severine LOTTO, Natacha CAMINITI, Sylvie TAMBUTTÉ
5.104 Capacity for plastic growth response of Porites lobata in fluctuating temperature regimes varies between colonies Tyler WATERSON*, Daniel BARSHIS, Jonathon STILLMAN
5.105 Feeding corals in captivity: the role of prey type and prey concentration Ronald OSINGA*, Tim WIJGERDE, Fam CHARKO, Johan VERRETH, Dirk GRYMONPRE, Silvia LAVORANO
5.106 Preliminary Results: Reproduction and Zooxanthellae of Millepora platyphylla Alan DAVIS*
5.107 Mechanisms of microhabitat segregation among corallimorpharians: Evidence from physiological parameters related to photosynthesis and host cellular response to irradiance. Baraka KUGURU*, Nanette E. Chadwick CHADWICK, Yair ACHITUV, Sophie DOVE, Ove HOEGH-GULDBERG, Dan TCHERNOV
5.108 Differential expression of soluble and membrane-bound proteins in soft corals Ernestina TENTORI*, Murray THOMSON
5.109 Production and elimination of reactive oxygen species in different Symbiodinium spp. in culture Elizabeth MCGINTY*, Laura MYDLARZ
5.110 A Quantitative Approach Linking Coral Mucus and their Symbiotic Zooxannthellae in Response to Environmental Change Alan M. PIGGOT*, Bruce W. FOUKE
5.111 Soft corals, nudibranchs and zooxanthellae: Are there differences in symbiont species found in each host? Katie LIBERATORE*, Ingo BURGHARDT, Ursula SHEPHERD, Joshua LEFFLER
5.112 Onset of Symbiosis and Distribution Patterns of Symbiotic Dinoflagellates in Scleractinian Coral Larvae Saki HARII*, Naoko YASUDA, Mauricio RODRIGUEZ-LANETTY, Michio HIDAKA
5.113 The cell ecology of Symbiodinium in soritid foraminifera Scott FAY*, Michele WEBER, Jere LIPPS
5.114 Gene expression in the coral, Montipora capitata, after fragmentation and transplantation: Insight into transcriptional stress response using Real-time PCR Marissa B. HIRST*, Anderson B. MAYFIELD, Ruth D. GATES
5.115 An 'in vitro' method of coral health assessment: a new approach Maya VIZEL*, Esti KRAMARSKY-WINTER, Craig DOWNS, Yossi LOYA
5.116 Thermal stress on two Mediterranean gorgonians: Eunicella singulari and Eunicella cavolinii. Consequences of the symbiosis on heat stress resistance. Pierre-Laurent MERLE*, Thamilla ZAMOUM, Anthony BERTUCCI, Marie GEMINI, Denis ALLEMAND, Paola FURLA
5.117 Photobleaching mechanism in symbiotic Symbiodinium spp. under heat stress Shunichi TAKAHASHI*, Spencer WHITNEY, Shigeru ITOH, Tadashi MARUYAMA, Murray BADGER
5.118 Preservation of Coral Samples in DMSO-Salt Buffer (SSDE) is Superior to Ethanol Zoltan SZABO*, Marc W CREPEAU, Robert J TOONEN
5.119 Ratiometric Imaging of Gastrodermal Lipid Body in Cnidaria-dinoflagellate Endosymbiosis Yi-Jun LUO*, Hui-Ju HUANG, Li-Hsueh WANG, Wan-Nan UANG, Lee-Shing FANG, Chii-Shiarng CHEN
5.120 Surface Proteins Identification of Symbiotic Gastrodermal Cells in Hermatypic Coral Euphyllia glabrescens Chih-Yao CHANG*, Shao-En PENG, Chii-Shiarng CHEN
5.121 Symbionts are a deadly burden for coral larvae Andrew BAIRD*, Irina YAKOVLEVA
5.122 Telomerase Activity and Telomere Sequence in the Cassiopea Jellyfish Michiko OJIMI*, Naoko ISOMURA, Michio HIDAKA
5.123 The effect of temperature on the zooxanthellae cell proliferation Yi-Cheng LEI*, Li-Hsueh WANG, Hsieh-He LI, Chii-Shian CHEN
5.124 Different sensitivity of zooxanthellae types isolated from the corals Madracis and Agaricia to increasing temperature Petra VISSER*, Pedro FRADE, Rolf BAK
5.127 Pigments as Indicators of Stress Mechanisms in Corals Kathleen MCDOUGALL*, Angela SQUIER, Kenneth BOYD, Stuart GIBB, Craig DOWNS, Barbara BROWN
5.128 Regulation of GFP-like Protein Expression in Reef-Building Corals Joerg WIEDENMANN*, Cecilia D'ANGELO, Andrea DENZEL, Alexander VOGT, Mikhail MATZ, Franz OSWALD, Anya SALIH, Ulrich NIENHAUS
5.129 Variable Thermal and/or Irradiance Stress Responses of Photosystem II among Symbiodinium spp. Isolated from Different Invertebrate Species Ranjeet BHAGOOLI*, Andrew C. BAKER, Peter RALPH, Michio HIDAKA
5.130 Searching for Sulfur in Symbiodinium: DMSP Implications for Coral Symbioses Denise YOST*, Carys MITCHELMORE
5.132 Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes in the Reef Building Coral Pocillopora damicornis Luc ROUGEE*, Abby COLLIER, Robert RICHMOND
5.133 Ecology of Solarpowered Nudibranchia (Mollusca:Gastropoda) and their Potential to be an Alternative Model Organism for Understanding Bleaching Ingo BURGHARDT*, Joshua LEFFLER, Katie LIBERATORE, Ursula SHEPHERD
5.134 Regulation of host innate immunity plays a role in cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis Olivier DETOURNAY*, Santiago PEREZ, Virginia WEIS
5.135 Immunodetection and Partial Characterization of Two Putative Signal-Transduction Proteins in Symbiodinium kawagutii Marco VILLANUEVA*, Claudia MORERA, Roberto IGLESIAS-PRIETO, Patricia THOMÉ-ORTIZ, Tania ISLAS-FLORES
5.136 Response of Coral Fluorescence to Environmental Changes: Insights into the function of coral fluorescent proteins Melissa ROTH*, Nancy KNOWLTON, Michael LATZ, Dimitri DEHEYN
5.138 Micro-niche Partitioning and the Photobiology of Symbiodinium Associated with Montastraea faveolata Dustin KEMP*, Xavier HERNANDEZ-PECH, Roberto IGLESIAS-PRIETO, Gregory SCHMIDT, William FITT
5.139 Various Symbiodinium spp. distributed among differing Morphotypes and Genotypes of Porites panamensis from the Gulf of California, Mexico David Arturo PAZ-GARCÍA*, Todd C. LAJEUNESSE, Héctor Efrain CHÁVEZ-ROMO, Francisco CORREA-SANDOVAL, Hector REYES-BONILLA
5.140 Rapid and highly precise measurements of Symbiodinium number using a Coulter Counter Carlo CARUSO*, Joshua MEISEL, Santiago PEREZ, John PRINGLE
5.141 Effect of irradiance and increased temperature on differential gene expression in dinoflagellate Nedeljka ROSIC, Mauricio RODRIGUEZ-LANETTY, William LEGGAT, Ove HOEGH-GULDBERG*
5.142 Genetic Diversity of the Zooxanthellae Symbionts of Corals from Reunion Island Fabien GUÉRIN*, Laury DIJOUX, Xavier HOENNER, Vianney DENIS, Henrich BRUGGEMANN, Mireille GUILLAUME
5.143 Seasonal acclimation in photosynthetic efficiency of coral holobiont photosynthesis Angela LAWTON*
5.144 Survival at the surface: Enhanced photoprotection pathways in shallow water Symbiodinium Jennifer McCabe REYNOLDS*, Brigitte BRUNS, William FITT, Gregory SCHMIDT
5.145 The Effect of Salinity on the Wound Healing Rate of the Gorgonian Coral Swiftia exserta Maria GONZALEZ*, Ana RESTREPO
5.146 Functional genomic approaches to the study of coral immunity Morgan MOUCHKA*, Jason ANDRAS, Drew HARVELL
5.147 The genetic structure of the coral may control host-symbiont specificity in the Sea of Cortez Jorge H. PINZÓN C.*, Tye PETTAY, Todd C. LAJEUNESSE
5.148 Photosmoregulation: Evidence of host behavioral photoregulation of an algal endosymbiont by the acoel Convolutriloba retrogemma as a means of non-metabolic osmoregulation Thomas SHANNON*
5.149 Quantum Efficiency for Light Enhanced ROS Production in Corals; A Physiological Approach to Predict Bleaching Racheal HOWARD*, Paul FALKOWSKI
5.150 Pocillopora genotypes may determine colony specificity between two symbiont species in the eastern Pacific Jorge PINZÓN*, Todd LAJEUNESSE
5.151 Zooxanthellae Population Dynamics and Temporal Coral Growth Rate Variations in Acropora formosa from the Mauritian Waters Ranjeet BHAGOOLI*, Indurlall FAGOONEE
5.82 Heat Shock Protein 90 and nitric oxide co-regulate thermally-induced bleaching in the soft coral Eunicea fusca Cliff ROSS*, Lory SANTIAGO
5.83 The Effects Of Salinity Stress On The Physiology And Protein Content Of The Hermatypic Coral - Acropora pruinosa In Hong Kong William BUT*
5.84 Sources and metabolism of essential fatty acids in Scleractinian corals Mark TEECE*, Diego LIRMAN, Mary Alice COFFROTH
5.85 The development of fluorescently-labeled Symbiodinium to investigate symbiont acquisition and flexibility in coral-algal symbiosis Nitzan SOFFER*, Patrick GIBBS, Michael C. SCHMALE, Andrew C. BAKER
5.86 The influence of habitat on nitrogen acquisition and status in a temperate cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis Shyam MORAR, Sarah BURY, Simon DAVY*
5.87 Growth Rate, Survivorship and Stress Tolerance of Primary Polyps of Acropora digitifera Infected with Zooxanthellae of Different Genotypes Ryota SUWA*, Michio HIDAKA
5.88 Ultraviolet-induced DNA Damage and its Subsequent Repair in Field-collected Aiptasia pallida as Monitored by Single-cell Gel Electrophoresis Claire HUDSON*, Drew FERRIER
5.89 Effect of Caffeine on Coral Symbionts Kelly POLLACK*, Kimberly BALAZS, Oladele OGUNSEITAN
5.90 DNA Repair in Aptasia pallida Following Laboratory Exposures to Ultraviolet Radiation Drew FERRIER*, Claire HUDSON
5.91 Potential Implication of Host/Symbiont Recognition Mechanisms in Coral Bleaching Jérémie VIDAL-DUPIOL*, Guillaume MITTA, Emmanuel ROGER, Denis ALLEMAND, Christine FERRIER-PAGÈS, Paola FURLA, Renaud GROVER, Pierre-Laurent MERLE, Eric TAMBUTTÉ, Sylvie TAMBUTTÉ, Didier ZOCCOLA, Ophélie LADRIÈRE, Mathieu POULICEK, Laurent FOURÉ, Meh
5.92 Influence of Mg Calcite–Associated Proteins on the Formation of Sclerites in Soft Corals M. Azizur RAHMAN*, Tamotsu OOMORI
5.93 Comparative genetics of Aiptasia anemones and their dinoflagellate symbionts reveals high specificity in an invertebrate-Symbiodinium symbiosis Yu XIANG*, Scott SANTOS
5.94 Cell cycle pattern of free-living zooxanthellae: Effect of light Li-Hsueh WANG*, Chii-Shian CHEN, Li-Shing FANG, Hui-Ju HUANG, Shao-En PENG, Yi-Yuong HSIAO
5.95 Defenses Against Oxidative Stress in Zooxanthellate Symbioses David TAPLEY*
5.96 Nutrient Transfer in a Multi-level Mutualism: Contributions of Anemonefish to Host Anemone and Zooxanthella Nutrition Modi ROOPIN, Nanette CHADWICK*
5.97 The Photobiology of Symbiodinium Indicates Populational Differences in Hyposaline Tolerance in Siderastrea radians from Florida Bay, Florida, USA Kathryn M. CHARTRAND*, Michael J. DURAKO
5.98 Cladal diversity in zooxanthellae harbored by sponges of the Clionaidae: a case study involving Cliona varians. Malcolm HILL*, April HILL, Ericka POPPELL, Blake RAMSBY
5.99 High-performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Photosynthetic Pigments in Corals: An Existence of a Variety of Epiphytic and Endolithic Algae Kazuhiro DAIGO*, Yoshikatsu NAKANO, Beatriz CASARETO, Yoshimi SUZUKI, Yuzo SHIOI