Mini-Symposium 4:
Coral Reef Organisms as Recorders of Local and Global Environmental Change

Poster Presentations: Wednesday, July 9, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
4.51 Status of Genus Acropora in Indian Reefs and it’s Role as an Indicator of Reef Health Sumitro SEN*, Satyanarayana CHOWDULA
4.52 The potential of the soft coral Sinularia polydactyla and the scleractinian coral Leptastrea purpurea as bio-monitoring organisms: a case study Peter SCHUPP*, Paulina WELCH, Chie TAKASE, Gary DENTON
4.53 Biogeographic pattern and impact of climate change on coral communities in Taiwan Sheng-wen HORNG*, Chang-feng DAI
4.54 Deep reef radiocarbon records from the Straits of Florida Brad ROSENHEIM*, Thiago CORREA, Peter SWART, Gregor EBERLI, Mark GRASMUECK
4.55 Deep-Sea Corals from the Straits of Florida as Proxy Indicators of Bottom Conditions in the Florida Straits Angela ROSENBERG*, Peter SWART, Gregor EBERLI, Mark GRASMUECK, Thiago CORREA
4.56 Opposed trend of skeletal carbon isotopic ratios found in two different coral species collected from the same site: Genus-dependent responses Michiyo SHIMAMURA*, Kiseong HYEONG, Tsuyoshi WATANABE, Tomohisa IRINO, Chan-Min YOO, Woong-Seo KIM
4.57 Preliminary assessment of the impact of solid waste on reef flat gastropod community in Talim Bay, Batangas, Philippines Alexander ALOY*, Benjamin VALLEJO JR
4.58 150 Years of Coral Growth Rates and Water Quality on the Mesoamerican Reef Jessica CARILLI*, Richard NORRIS, Konrad HUGHEN, Nancy PROUTY
4.59 Maracajau Reefs (in Northeastern Brazil) - an ecosystem under severe thermal stress Elga MAYAL, Sigrid NEWMANN-LEITAO, Elga MAYAL*
4.60 Seawater isotopic composition variation in Abrolhos Reef Complex, Brazil Ricardo DOMINGUES*, Alexandre COSTA, Ruy KIKUCHI
4.61 Montastrea cavernosa thermal stress bioindicator in the South Atlantic Elga MAYAL*, Mara FISNER, Alcides SIAL, Valderez FERREIRA, Isabelle SOARES
4.62 Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca use as temperature proxy in a Southwestern Atlantic endemic coral Maria Cristina SANTEDICOLA*, Priscila GONÇALVES, Carlos MENDONÇA-FILHO, Ruy KIKUCHI
4.63 Coral Morphology As An Indicator of Sedimentation Rate; Cañada Honda, Dominican Republic Allicia DAVIS*, Dennis HUBBARD
4.64 Reconstruction of climatic variability induced by the PNA pattern in the Southern Gulf of Mexico: geochemical evidences from coral growth bands Constanza RICAURTE*, Jose CARRIQUIRY, Julio VILLAESCUSA, Guillermo HORTA
4.65 ENSO Variability Recorded in the Growth Rate of Southwestern-South Atlantic Corals Danielly GODIVA*, Heitor EVANGELISTA, Abdelfettah SIFEDDINE, Zelinda LEÃO, Nivaor RIGOZO, Barbara SEGAL, Tércio AMBRIZZI, Milton KAMPEL, Ruy KIKUCHI
4.66 Sclerochronology and Geochemistry of Brazilian Corals to Reconstruct Southwestern-South Atlantic Climate Variability Danielly GODIVA*, Heitor EVANGELISTA, Abdelfettah SIFEDDINE, Bruno TURCQ, Thierry CORRÈGE, Nivaor RIGOZO, Ruy KIKUCHI, Zelinda LEÃO, Milton KAMPEL, Renato CAMPELLO
4.67 Using Nearshore Macrobenthos as Environmental Indicators Adjacent to a Major Navigational Inlet: Port Everglades Inlet, Florida Jessica CRAFT*
4.68 Evidences of Magdalena River as a Sporadic Stress factor to Coral Reefs in Tayrona National Park (Colombia) Iliana CHOLLETT-ORDAZ*, Alberto RODRÍGUEZ-RAMÍREZ, Eduardo KLEIN
4.69 Application of the SEDCON Index on Patch Reefs in Biscayne National Park, Florida Alexa RAMIREZ*, Camille DANIELS, Pamela HALLOCK
4.70 A Comparison of Chemical Records in Montastraea faveolata and Siderastrea siderea as Examined by Laser Ablation ICP-MS: A Look at Methodology for Caribbean Coral for Seasonal and Storm Events Alan KOENIG*, Jessica CARILLI, Noreen BUSTER
4.71 Heavy Metal Contents in Growth Bands of Porites Corals: Record of Anthropogenic and Human Developments from the Jordanian Gulf of Aqaba Saber AL-ROUSAN*, Rashid AL-SHLOUL, Fuad AL-HORANI, Ahmad ABU-HILAL
4.72 Study of heavy metal accumulation in Scleractinian corls of Viti Levu, Fiji Islands Sofia SHAH, Edward LOVELL*
4.73 Past 100 years Inter-annual Sea Surface Salinity Changes in the Western Pacific Based on Coral Isotope Analysis Hiroko IIJIMA*, Hajime KAYANNE, Nobuko NAKAMURA
4.74 Indian Ocean Dipole Index for the Last 115 Years Recorded in Kenyan Coral Annual Bands Hajime KAYANNE, Nobuko NAKAMURA*, Hiroko IIJIMA, Timothy R. MCCLANAHAN, Swadhin BEHERA, Toshio YAMAGATA
4.75 Variability of Coral Skeletal Tin, Copper, Zinc, and Cadmium in Porites Lobata Corals from Kona, Hawaii Michael COLELLA, Jamie WARD, Sarah C. GRAY*, Geoff DALY
4.76 Sclerosponge Skeletal Growth Band as a Proxy of Ocean Surface Environmental Change Tamotsu OOMORI*, Mutsumi MORI, Eri HIROSAWA, Miyo IKEDA, Hiroyuki FUJIMURA, Takuro NOGUCHI, Yoshihito OHTSUKA, Michinari HATTORI, Yuichi TAKAKU
4.77 Rare species as bio-indicators of environmental thermal stress: clues from a small coral Andrei SALCEDO-GREBECHOV, Alberto ACOSTA*
4.78 Effect of feeding and light on the nitrogen isotopic composition of a zooxanthellate coral Stéphanie REYNAUD*, Fanny HOULBREQUE, Philippe MARTINEZ, Isabelle BILLY, Denis ALLEMAND, Christine FERRIER-PAGES
4.79 Impacts of climate change on coral reefs of India R. JEYABASKARAN*, R. RAJKUMAR, P.L. YENNAWAR
4.80 On the causes of density banding in skeletons of Montastraea corals Juan P. CARRICART-GANIVET*, Elizabeth DÁVALOS-DEHULLU, Héctor HERNÁNDEZ-ARANA