Mini-Symposium 3:
Calcification and Coral Reefs - Past and Future

Poster Presentations: Monday, July 7, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
3.33 Coral growth of Porites astreoides correlates negatively with temperature along the coast of Venezuela Marco CAPUTO*, Carolina BASTIDAS, Elia GARCÍA, Sebastian RODRÍGUEZ
3.34 Rising CO2 disproportionately affects extension versus mass deposition in reef corals Nancy MUEHLLEHNER*, Peter EDMUNDS
3.35 Carbonate production on coral reefs – the influence of terrestrial runoff on encrusting communities and coral recruits Jennie MALLELA*
3.36 Mineral phase of COCs and fibers in coral skeletons Kohki SOWA*, Tsuyoshi WATANABE, Satoko MOTAI, Yusuke SETO, Takaya NAGAI
3.37 Growth and Population Dynamics Model of the Solitary Sunset Cup Coral Leptopsammia pruvoti (Scleractinia, Dendrophylliidae) in the Mediterranean Sea Stefano GOFFREDO*, Erik CAROSELLI, Guido MATTIOLI, Elettra PIGNOTTI, Francesco ZACCANTI
3.38 Coral Resiliency to Changing pCO2 in Florida Bay Remy OKAZAKI*, Peter SWART, Chris LANGDON, Frank MILLERO
3.39 Physiological effects of CO2-mediated ocean acidification on reef-associated corals Noah BEN-ADERET*, Maoz FINE
3.40 Coral Accretion in the Harsh Conditions of the western coast of Mexico Luis E. CALDERON-AGUILERA*, Héctor REYES-BONILLA, José CARRRIQUIRY
3.41 Effect of Seawater Saturation State on Early Skeletal Development in Two Atlantic Corals (Porites astreoides and Favia fragum) Samantha DE PUTRON*, Anne COHEN, Daniel MCCORKLE
3.42 Skeletal Calcium Carbonate Phase Polymorphism in Two Temperate Scleractinians Stefano GOFFREDO, Erik CAROSELLI*, Francesco ZACCANTI, Giuseppe FALINI
3.43 Hiatuses in Holocene reef growth at Kodakara Island in the Ryukyus, Japan: links to global climate variability Nozomu HAMANAKA*, Hironobu KAN, Yusuke YOKOYAMA, Takehiro OKAMOTO, Yosuke NAKASHIMA, Toshio KAWANA
3.44 Calcification Rates of the Endemic Coral Mussismilia braziliensis Declined Associated with Ocean Warming Marilia OLIVEIRA*, Zelinda LEAO, Ruy KIKUCHI
3.45 Physiological vs. environmental factors triggering skeletal mineralogy and geochemistry in scleractinian corals Jaroslaw STOLARSKI*, Anders MEIBOM
3.46 Computational Modelling of Calcification in Zooxanthellate Scleractinian Corals Jiangjun CUI, Marten POSTMA, Jaap KAANDORP*, Denis ALLEMAND
3.47 Temporal variations in coral growth and microskeletal development in nearshore terrigenoclastic-dominated reef environments. Ronan ROCHE*, Ken JOHNSON, Christopher PERRY, Scott SMITHERS
3.48 A geochemical model for coral reef formation based on organic and inorganic carbon productions of reef communities TAKASHI NAKAMURA*, TORU NAKAMORI
3.49 Style of Reef Accretion at Poleward Front in the Late Holocene, in the Northern Ryukyu Islands, Japan Hironobu KAN*, Yosuke NAKASHIMA, Nobuyuki HORI, Tatsuo NAKAI, Yusuke YOKOYAMA, Nozomu HAMANAKA, Takehiro OKAMOTO, Tomoya OHASHI
3.50 In situ measurements of calcification rates and calcification/dissolution thresholds in coral reef communities of South Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands Kimberly YATES*, Chris DUFORE, Nathan SMILEY