Mini-Symposium 18:
Reef Status and Trends

Poster Presentations: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 16:00 - 18:00 Exhibit Hall A-D (Click on presentation title to view abstract)
POSTER BOARD # TITLE AUTHORS (* indicates Presenting Author)
18.595 Reefs at Risk in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia - Status and Outlook Abigail MOORE*, Samliok NDOBE
18.596 Survival / Destruction of coral reefs under anthropogenic stress in Arabian Gulf and Red Sea regions Joseph Sebastian PAIMPILLIL*, Joseph Sebastian PAIMPILLIL
18.597 Long-term changes in stony coral assemblages in Jakarta Bay and the Thousand Islands archipelago (1920 – 2005) Sancia E.T. VAN DER MEIJ, Bert W. HOEKSEMA*
18.598 Coral community structure at Pearl and Hermes Atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: unique conservation challenges in the Hawaiian Archipelago Jean KENYON*, Matthew DUNLAP, Casey WILKINSON, Kimberly PAGE, Peter VROOM, Greta AEBY, Oliver DAMERON
18.599 A palaeoecological perspective on coral community structure and resilience to long-term terrigenous sediment influence Chris PERRY*, Suzanne PALMER, Scott SMITHERS, Ken JOHNSON
18.600 Change in coral reef condition in the southwestern Cuba (2001-2007): AGRRA assessed sites revisited Pedro M. ALCOLADO*, Darlenys HERNÁNDEZ-MUÑOZ, Hansel CABALLERO, Linnet BUSUTIL, Susana PERERA, Gema HIDALGO
18.601 Organisms associated with live scleractinian corals as indicators of coral reef status in the Wakatobi Marine National Park (SE Sulawesi, Indonesia) Patrick SCAPS*, Vianney DENIS, Jessica HAAPKYLA
18.602 The Planetary Coral Reef Foundation: An Overview Lindsey FELDMAN*, Abigail ALLING, Phil DUSTAN, Orla DOHERTY, Heather LOGAN, Carol MILNER, Kitty CURRIER
18.603 Sea Urchin Abundance, Distribution and Erosion along Kuwait’s Coral Island Reef Shaker ALHAZEEM, Adel ALSAFFAR, Shaker ALHAZEEM*
18.604 Disturbance and rehabilitation of Tsunami impact on mangrove forests and macrobenthic communities in Andaman Sea, Thailand Yoshimi FUJIOKA*, Ryuichi TABUCHI, Yasumasa HIRATA, Reiji YONEDA, Pipat PATANAPONPAIBOON, Takuro SHIBUNO*, Hideo OHBA
18.605 Coral reef conservation status in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia Asami NAKAYAMA*, Ryota NAKAJIMA, LaiPeng FOONG, Rajuddin KUSHARI, Victor KUWAHARA, Hideo MIYAGUCHI, Ross OTHMAN, Tatuki TODA
18.606 The Distribution of Coral, Reefs and Coastal Habitats in North Central Cuba Aisling BRADY*, Sharon COWLING
18.607 Susceptibility of corals to skeletal growth anomaly and trematodiasis according to species and seasons at Wai`opae Tide Pools, Hawaii Misaki TAKABAYASHI*, T. Makani GREGG, Kaikaika TEVES, Shauna Kehau TOM
18.608 Sudden Changes on Coral Reefs at Naval Station Guantánamo Bay (GTMO), Cuba Ken DESLARZES*, William PRECHT, Martha ROBBART
18.609 Community structure of reef fish on three different coral life form (branching, foliaceous, and massive) at Pari Island, Indonesia Hawis MADDUPPA, Unggul AKTANI*, Harry PALM
18.611 Continuous recruitment of hard corals in North Sulawesi, Indonesia estimated throughout the year with fluorescence census technique Sascha B.C. ROMATZKI*, Sebastian SCHMIDT-ROACH, Andreas KUNZMANN
18.612 Impact of Hurricane Rita on four shallow banks in the northern Gulf of Mexico Martha ROBBART*, Rich ARONSON, William PRECHT, Ken DESLARZES
18.614 Invertebrates, Communities and Reef Health in Airai, The Republic of Palau Ann KITALONG*
18.615 Determination of the Environmental State of Health in Sacrificios Reef Using the AMBI Index Nayeli DOMÍNGUEZ CASTANEDO*, Alejandro GRANADOS BARBA, Vivianne SOLÍS WEISS
18.617 Large daily seawater temperature fluctuation in a tropical coral reef I-Huan LEE*, Yu-Huai WANG, Fung-Chi KO, Tung-Yung FAN, Wei-Hsien WANG
18.618 Assessment of Reef Area Loss and Implications on Scleractinian sp. Diversity on Coral Reefs Affected by Terrace-Uplift; Aftermath of the December 26th 2004 Earthquake, in Andaman Islands, India. Rajkumar RAJAN*, Satyanarayana CHOWDULA, Rajan PONAMKULAM
18.619 Present condition of coral reefs and associated ecosystems in the NW region of Cuba Gaspar GONZALEZ*, Fernando BRETOS, Consuelo AGUILAR, David GUGGENHEIM, Ivet HERNÁNDEZ, Yureidy CABRERA, Noelis SUAREZ-MONTES
18.620 Effect of change in biophysical parameters on status, health and distribution of corals reefs in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor (India) Mani SAXENA*, Alok SAXENA, Ramesh CHANDRA SRIVASTAVA
18.621 Lack of Coral Reef Resilience in MPAs of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India R. JEYABASKARAN*
18.622 Beyond Valuation: Using Integrated Social, Economic, and Environmental Indicators To Monitor Reef Management and Environmental Change Linwood PENDLETON*
18.623 Coral status in St. Martin Island, Bangladesh. Mohammad Zahirul ISLAM*, Mohammad Sazedul ISLAM
18.624 Environmental Endocrine Disruptors: A “Real” and Growing Concern Affecting Coral Reefs Brian SHMAEFSKY*
18.625 Patterns in Southeast Florida Coral Reef Community Composition Melissa SATHE*, David GILLIAM, Richard DODGE, Louis FISHER
18.626 In-water observation of immature Green (Chelonia mydas) and Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricate) turtles in the marine environment of St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles. Maureen SULLIVAN*, Raphaela STIMMELMAYR*, Vajai LATCHMAN
18.627 Coral Reef Fishes in the near shore marine environment of St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles. Maureen SULLIVAN*, Gwen TOUZOT-JOURDE, Raphaela STIMMELMAYR
18.628 Monitoring Activities In Kiribati 2006: Comparision Of Results With 2004 And 2005 Taratau KIRATA*, CAROLINE VIEUX, ERIC CLUA
18.630 Singapore Coral Reefs – Status after 40 Years of Extensive Coastal Development Loke Ming CHOU*, Karenne TUN, Nigel GOH
18.632 Contribution of Global Coral Reef Monitoring Programs in India Krishnamoorthy VENKATARAMAN*
18.634 Macroalgal distribution in a Mexican Caribbean reef system: a habitat complexity analysis Ligia COLLADO-VIDES*, Alejandra PIÑON-GIMATE
18.635 Some ecological studies on Investigator Reef, one of the Spratly's Islands, of the South China Sea. Mohd Rajuddin MOHD KUSHAIRI*, Mohd Nasir SAADON, Kamarulzaman YUNUS
18.636 Developing a Preliminary Index of Coral Reef Health Jason HELYER*, Lesa MENG, James HELTSHE
18.637 Assessment of Marginal Reef Condition at Multiple Sites Using Coral Population Structure and Vitality Simone OIGMAN-PSZCZOL*, Joel CREED
18.638 Can Patterns in Benthic Communities be Explained by a Site Specific Environmental Impact Index at a Marginal Reef Site in the Southwest Atlantic? Simone OIGMAN-PSZCZOL*, Joel CREED
18.639 The Distribution, Abundance and Volume of the Barrel Sponge Xestospongia muta at Selected Sites in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Matthew BERTIN*, Michael CALLAHAN, Jennifer WHEATON
18.640 Examination of Algal Diviersity and Benthic Community Structure at Palmyra Atoll, U.S. Line Islands Cristi BRAUN*, Peter VROOM
18.641 The Status of Coral Reefs in the Eritrean Red Sea Simon ZEREMARIAM*, Yassin MOHAMMUD, Philipos YEMANE, Amanuel GHEBRELUL, Yonas AFEWERKI
18.642 Effect of sewage pollution on coral reef sponge communities at the western side of Havana City, Cuba. Zuleika MARCOS, Alcolado PEDRO M.*
18.643 Coral Community Structure of the Bolinao Reef System, northwest Philippines Mark Windell VERGARA*, Wilfredo LICUANAN, Porfirio ALINO
18.644 Changes To Macroalgal Species Communities in Shelf Edge Coral Reef Habitats in Southwest Puerto Rico David BALLANTINE*, Hector RUIZ, Nilda APONTE
18.645 Acropora palmata bleaching and response varied across benthic zones at Buck Island Reef National Monument (St. Croix, USVI) during the 2005 bleaching event Ian LUNDGREN*, Zandy HILLIS-STARR
18.646 The lingering consequences of a mass coral bleaching event on Acropora palmata, at Buck Island Reef National Monument Ian LUNDGREN*, Zandy HILLIS-STARR
18.647 Responses of Coral Communities in the Florida Keys Following Multiple Stressor Events in 1997-1998 Deborah SANTAVY*, Erich MUELLER, Lauri MACLAUGHLIN, Esther PETERS, Robert QUARLES, Mace BARRON
18.648 Reproductive Failure in Acropora palmata, a Threatened Caribbean Coral Dana E. WILLIAMS*, Margaret W. MILLER, K. Lindsey KRAMER, Abel VALDIVIA
18.649 The Effects of Increased Seawater Temperature upon Butterflyfishes (Family: Chaetodontidae) at the Satsuma Peninsula, Southern Japan Daisuke NASHIKI*, Satoshi NOJIMA, Sekio SHINAGAWA, Noritaka MOCHIOKA, Shigeo KAWAGUCHI, Akinobu NAKAZONO
18.650 Small-scale variations in the effects of coral bleaching in Rodrigues Emily HARDMAN*, Nathalie STAMPFLI, Jules THOMA, Sydney PERRINE
18.651 Monitoring, Conservation and Future of Reefs of India Satyanarayana CHOWDULA*, Rama KRISHNA, Muley E.V.
18.652 Status and Trends of Colombian Caribbean Coral Reefs Alberto RODRÍGUEZ-RAMÍREZ*, María Catalina REYES-NIVIA, Sven ZEA, Raúl NAVAS-CAMACHO, Sonia BEJARANO, Diego L. GIL-AGUDELO, Jaime GARZÓN-FERREIRA, Nacor BOLAÑOS, Alfredo ABRIL
18.653 Socioeconomic Baseline Report of U.S. Territories and Counties Adjacent to Coral Reef Habitats Steve ROHMANN*, Kristen CROSSETT, Christopher CLEMENT
18.654 Trends in Reef Recovery in Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania Haji MAHINGIKA*
18.656 An Assessment of Chemical Contaminants in the Nearshore Waters of Vieques, Puerto Rico Andrew MASON*
18.657 Status of Coral Reef Ecosystems in Marine Managed Areas in St. Croix, USVI Sarah HILE*, Chris JEFFREY, Simon PITTMAN, Chris CALDOW, Mark MONACO
18.658 “Changing times, Changing reefs” A 10 year review of changes on Coral Cover, Dead Coral/Algae and Community Structure in the Bloody Bay-Jackson Point Marine Park, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands, BWI Croy MCCOY*
18.659 Baseline Assessments of Coral Communities at Wake Atoll Before and After Supertyphoon Ioke Jacob ASHER*, Susan VOGT, Jean KENYON, Bernardo VARGAS-ANGEL
18.660 Effects of sewage effluent on benthic composition and fish assemblage in a Pacific tropical lagoonal system Lucy HARRISON*, Clarissa BEARDEN, Peter HOUK, Michelle PADDACK, Isabelle COTE
18.661 Recent coral bleaching around the Yaeyama Islands in the Ryukyus Takanori SATOH*, Tomoyo KOBAYASHI, HAJIME HIROSAWA, Mai YAMAMOTO
18.662 Coral reefs in Singapore: An assessment of their status and recommendations for future work Jeffrey LOW*, Robin NGIAM, Rachel LIM, Loke Ming CHOU
18.663 Riverine run-off threaten shallow coral reef on Lankayan Island, Sabah Malaysia Fung Chen CHUNG*, Annadel Salvio CABANBAN
18.664 Algal takeover in the coral reefs of Eilat (Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea): a disregarded sign of reef degradation Karnit BAHARTAN*, Mohammad ZIBDAH, Yousef AHMED, Alvaro ISRAEL, Avigdor ABELSON
18.665 Recovery patterns in a Mediterranean gorgonian following repeated mortality events Roberta CUPIDO*, Silvia COCITO, Andrea PEIRANO, Sergio SGORBINI
18.666 Assessing Land Based Inputs to the Coastal Waters of Broward County, Florida, USA Nancy CRAIG*, Nancy GASSMAN, Kenneth BANKS, Kevin CARTER
18.667 Coral Bleaching Records in Reefs from Eastern Brazil in the Last Fifteen Years Zelinda LEAO*, Ruy KIKUCHI, Marilia OLIVEIRA
18.668 Status of Coral Reefs from Eastern Brazil Ruy KIKUCHI*, Zelinda LEAO, Marilia OLIVEIRA
18.669 Status of Coral Reefs Health off South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands Kate MCCLELLAN, Catherine JADOT*, Chris SCHELTEN
18.670 Relationship Between Benthic and Fish Assemblages at Four Coral Reefs in Venezuela Carolina BASTIDAS*, Sebastián RODRÍGUEZ, Denise DEBROT, Aldo CRÓQUER
18.671 Making a Rapid Reef Assessment of the Mexican Caribbean Coral Reefs to Find Potentially Resilient Sites Albert FRANQUESA RINOS*
18.673 Status of the Philippine Coral Reefs: 2004-2007 Rhia Odessa GONZALES*, Melchor DEOCADEZ, Porfirio ALIÑO, Cleto NAÑOLA, Hazel ARCEO, Rollan GERONIMO, Wilfredo CAMPOS, Severino SALMO III, Andre Jon UYCHIAOCO, Clarissa REBOTON
18.674 Monitoring of coral recovery after 97-98 mass bleaching event at, naneng SETIASIH*
18.675 Distribution and Abundance of Sponges of Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep, India Anita G. MARY*, Robert SLUKA, S. LAZARUS
18.676 Variability in growth form of Gulf of Kachchh corals, India. Prasanna YENNAWAR*
18.677 Seasonal Bleaching did not Impede Coral Growth in Todos os Santos Bay, Eastern Brazil Eduardo CHAVES, Pedro MEIRELLES, Ruy KIKUCHI, Zelinda LEAO*
18.678 Mapping Bottom Features of the Site Selected for the Underwater Observatory in Sharm el Sheikh (South Sinai, Egypt) Stefano ACUNTO, Jessika GIRALDI*, David BALATA, Luigi PIAZZI, Francesco CINELLI
18.679 Differentiating among global and local stressors in Florida Keys (USA) coral reefs using coral regeneration rates and a cellular diagnostic system Elizabeth FISHER-MOSES*, Cheryl WOODLEY, John FAUTH, Pamela HALLOCK
18.680 Coral Cover Evaluation of Todos os Santos Bay Reefs After the 2003 Mass Bleaching Event in Southwestern Atlantic Igor CRUZ*, Amanda NASCIMENTO, Camila BRASIL, Ruy KIKUCHI, Zelinda LEAO
18.681 A Strategic Approach for Developing a National Baseline Coral Reef Condition Patricia BRADLEY, Wayne DAVIS*, William FISHER, Michael MCDONALD
18.682 Seasonal Investigation on Stability of Coral-Algae Interactions in Fringing Reefs of the Northern Red Sea Andreas HAAS*, Florian MAYER, Malik NAUMANN, Carin JANTZEN, Mohammed AL-ZIBDAH, Christian WILD
18.683 A photographic method for analyzing areal chlorophyll and bleaching status of the coral Stylophora pistillata Shachar KOREN*, Zvy DUBINSKY
18.684 Quantitative Habitat Characterization and Benthic Assemblage Structure of Deep-water Scleractinian Reefs off Eastern Florida Kartick SHIRUR*, Charles MESSING, Carmen RODRIGUEZ, Joshua FEINGOLD, John REED, Sandra BROOKE
18.685 2007 Coral reef status in the Union of Comoros Said AHAMADA*
18.686 Resilience of a Red Sea Fringing Coral Reef under Extreme Environmental Conditions: A Four-Year Study Zaki MOUSTAFA*, Pamela HALLOCK
18.687 Assessment of Contaminants in Honolua Bay, Maui: Threat for Coral Reef Organisms? Laetitia HEDOUIN*, Marc METIAN, Ruth D. GATES
18.688 Elkhorn Coral Distribution and Condition Throughout the Puerto Rican Archipelago Michelle SCHÄRER*, Michael NEMETH, Abel VALDIVIA, Dana WILLIAMS, Margaret MILLER, Carlos DIEZ
18.689 Comparison between Digital and High Definition Video formats in coral video monitoring. Rob WAARA*, Judd PATTERSON, Matt PATTERSON, Andrea ATKINSON, Brian WITCHER, Andy DAVIS, Jeff MILLER
18.690 Assessment of the coral reefs and associated fish communities of Vieques, Puerto Rico Laurie BAUER*, Matthew KENDALL, Charles MENZA, Kimberly FOLEY
18.691 Comparison of Benthic Communities on Four Coral Reefs in the Veracruz Reef System (Mexico). Jason JONES, Kim WITHERS, John W. TUNNELL*
18.692 Patterns of coral distribution in the Bay Islands (Honduras) Pedro PORTILLO*, Yolande BOUCHON-NAVARO, Pierre LEGENDRE, Max LOUIS, Claude BOUCHON
18.693 Climate Change : a Threat for the Coral Reefs in the French West Indies Claude BOUCHON*, Pedro PORTILLO, Yolande BOUCHON-NAVARO, Max LOUIS
18.694 Monitoring seawater temperature and coral community response across Fiji – an archipelago-wide monitoring programme Edward LOVELL, Helen SYKES, Victor BONITO*, Zaidy KHAN, Norman QUINN
18.695 Cozumel Island, México: A disturbance history Patricia ALVAREZ DEL CASTILLO*, Hector REYES, Lorenzo ALVAREZ, Marínes MILLET
18.696 Standardized Certification to Increase Coral Monitoring Data Quality and Extent Surveys Location and Numbers Naneng SETIASIH*
18.697 Assessing the Ecological Status of Reef Building Coral Communities of Pohnpei, Micronesia, as a Tool for Conservation Eugene JOSEPH*
18.698 Distribution of Seagrasses in Coral Reef Area and their Relationship with Coral SAYUKO NINOMIYA*, TAKAHIKO INOUE, TERUMASA MORISHIGE, YOSHIKATSU NAKANO, Preetica SINGH, YUKA YANO, MAKOTO TSUCHIYA
18.699 Temporal overview of impact of the 1997-1998 mass bleaching on recovery of two Palawan reefs: Outer Bacuit bay, El Nido (Palawan Shelf), and off-shore Tubbataha (Sulu Sea). Karen Lou FRANCISCO*, Porfirio ALINO, Miledel Christine QUIBILAN, Wilfredo LICUANAN
18.700 From Biophysical Research to MPA Rating – What’s the Trend in South-Cebu’s and Siquijor’s MPAs? Martina KELLER*, Matthias WOLFF, Rizaller C. AMOLO
18.701 The distribution, ecology and management status of offshore reef habitats in Sri Lanka Nishan PERERA*, Arjan RAJASURIYA
18.702 Evidence of an Outbreak of Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish (COTS) in French Polynesia: Observations between 2005 and 2007 Bernard SALVAT*, Yannick CHANCERELLE, Thierry LISON DE LOMA, Lucie PENIN, Céline STIEVENART, Franck LEROUVREUR, Annie AUBANEL, Christian MONIER, Elodie LAGOUY, Mehdi ADJEROUD
18.703 Status of Shallow Water Coral Communities in Little Cayman in 2006-2007 Lindsay HUEBNER*, Carey BATHA, Max MULLEN, Roy DUCOTE, Vania COELHO
18.704 Algal Cover and Coral Recruitment in Shallow Reefs in Little Cayman in 2006-2007 Lindsay HUEBNER*, Carey BATHA, Max MULLEN, Roy DUCOTE, Vania COELHO
18.705 Spatial and temporal recovery patterns of coral reefs within the Gulf of Oman (UAE) following the 2007 cyclone disturbance Kristi FOSTER*
18.706 Coral Reef Monitoring in the OECS and Tobago Marcia CREARY*, Joseph MCGANN
18.707 Recovery and current status of coral reefs of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India Edward JK PATTERSON*, G. MATHEWS, Jamila PATTERSON, Jerker TAMELANDER, Dan WILHELMSSON, Olof LINDEN
18.708 The effects of 2004 tsunami on seaweed and seagrass community in the inter-tidal rocky shore and shallow sub-tidal coral reefs Anchana PRATHEP*, Piyalap TUNTIPRAPAS, Anuchit DARAKRAI, Pimonrat THONGROY, Jaruwan MAYAKUN, Bongkot WICHACHUCHERD, Sutinee SINUTOK
18.709 Change and resilience at Stetson Bank, a high latitude coral community in the Gulf of Mexico George SCHMAHL*, Jennifer DEBOSE, Emma HICKERSON
18.710 Corals and Coral Reefs of the National Marine Sanctuary System: Living Laboratories for Coral Reef Science and Conservation William KIENE*
18.711 Long-term monitoring of a high-latitude coral reef system off Southeast Florida, USA: a partnership between academia and resource management David GILLIAM*, Kenneth BANKS, Michael CALLAHAN, Chantal COLLIER, Richard DODGE, Louis FISHER, Jennifer WHEATON
18.714 Pacific-wide status of the rare/endangered humphead wrasse (Cheilinus undulatatus) and bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) Brian ZGLICZYNSKI*, Robert SCHROEDER, Marc NADON, Benjamin RICHARDS
18.715 Effects of Indigenous Communities and Agriculture on Coral Reef Composition in the Western Gulf of San Blas, Panama April HELMS*, Michelle DARE, Shara JONES, James ENGMAN
18.716 Population status of Acropora corals in the Florida Keys Steven MILLER*, Mark CHIAPPONE, Leanne RUTTEN, Dione SWANSON
18.717 The Jamaica Coral Reef Monitoring Network (JCRMN) Marcia CREARY*
18.718 Long-term benthic monitoring in the Tortugas, Florida: protected vs. open areas Greg PINIAK*, Shay VIEHMAN, Christine ADDISON, Nicole FOGARTY
18.719 Monitoring and Assessment - The Caribbean Coastal Data Centre Marcia CREARY*
18.720 Effects of benthic cyanobacteria on SE Florida coral reef gorgonian populations Vanessa BRINKHUIS*, Jenna LUEG, Lauren FLOYD, David GILLIAM
18.721 Monitoring, reporting, and conservation: a user’s guide for applying results from The State of Coral Reef Ecosystems of the United States and Pacific Freely Associated States to coral reef management Jeannette WADDELL*, Alicia CLARKE
18.722 Quantitative Underwater Ecological Surveying Techniques (QUEST): the University of Hawaii Marine Option Program - Training Tomorrow’s Underwater Scientists Jeffrey KUWABARA, Donna BROWN*
18.723 The Effects of Hurricane-Deposited Mud on Coral Communities in Florida Cheryl MILLER*, Vladimir KOSMYNIN
18.724 Preliminary Assessment of Elkhorn Coral (Acropora palmata) in Caye Caulker Marine Reserve and Adjacent Waters Ellen MCRAE*
18.725 Status of Coral Reefs in the British Virgin Islands Clive PETROVIC*, Trish BAILY, Shannon GORE
18.726 Status of Near Shore Reefs in The Bahamas: Past and present impacts on benthos and fish Kathleen SEALEY*, Nicolle CUSHION, Vanessa NERO, Kathleen SEMON
18.727 Biological characterization of coral reefs, coral communities and associated habitats of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico G.P. SCHMAHL*, Emma HICKERSON, Douglas WEAVER
18.728 Impacts of Non-Point Source Sewage Pollution in elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) assemblages of the Southwestern Puerto Rico Shelf. Edwin HERNANDEZ-DELGADO*, Betzaida SANDOZ, Michelle BONKOSKY, Jose NORAT, Hernando MATTEI
18.729 Status of Coral Reefs in North East Asia Tadashi KIMURA*
18.730 Community structure of reef fishes in a tropical upwelling area, Gulf of Papagayo, Pacific Costa Rica Helena MOLINA-UREÑA*
18.731 Spatial and temporal patterns of coral bleaching around Buck Island Reef National Monument, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands Randall D. CLARK, Christopher F.G. JEFFREY, Kimberly WOODY*, Zandy HILLIS-STARR, Mark E. MONACO
18.732 Status and Impact of Industrialization on Coral Reefs in Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat, India Dishant PARASHARYA*, Deepak APTE
18.733 The Power of Volunteers – Applications of the REEF Volunteer Survey Project Fish Monitoring Program Christy PATTENGILL-SEMMENS*
18.734 Impacts of coastal development on ecosystem structure and function of Yucatan coral reefs, Mexico Yves-Marie BOZEC*, Gilberto ACOSTA-GONZÁLEZ, Enrique NÚÑEZ-LARA, Jesús Ernesto ARIAS-GONZÁLEZ
18.735 Recovery of Tsunami Affected Coral Reefs at Mu Koh Phi Phi and Mu Koh Surin, the Andaman Sea Chaipichit SAENGHAISUK*, Rattika PETTONGMA, Kacharat PHORMKHUNATHON, Bancha LAWANG, Thamasak YEEMIN
18.736 Coral Community Structures of Shallow Reefs and Pinnacles at Kood Island, the Eastern Gulf of Thailand Jamrearn BUARUANG*, Makamas SUTTHACHEEP, Paulwatt NUCLEAR, Danai SAMBUNRUANG, Chaipichit SANGHAISUK, Thamasak YEEMIN
18.737 Demographic Comparison of the Threatened Coral Species, Acropora palmata, in the Eastern Caribbean. K. Lindsey KRAMER*, Dana E. WILLIAMS, Margaret W. MILLER, Chantele BÉGIN, Jessica FRY, Abel VALDIVIA
18.738 Morphological variation in the reef zoanthid Palythoa caribaeorum in a Brazilian harbor area Diego COSTA*, Paula GOMES, André SANTOS, Natalia VALENÇA, Natalia VIEIRA, Carlos PERÉZ
18.739 Reef Check Surveys in Japan - Focus on Okinawa area Mariko ABE*, Yasuaki MIYAMOTO, Megumu TSUCHIKAWA, Chihiro NISHIHARA, Akira IGUCHI, Nobuo WATANABE
18.741 Preliminary results of a monitoring programme for shallow coral communities influenced by the Petro-chemical industry in the Easter region of Venezuela Manuel GONZÁLEZ-RIVERO*, Ana HERRERA-REVELES, Beatriz SIEGERT-SALAZAR, Estrella VILLAMIZAR, Mario YALLONARDO, Ismael HERNÁNDEZ, Miguel CASTILLO
18.742 Continued degradation of Tobago’s coral reefs linked to the prevalence of coral disease following the 2005 mass bleaching event Simon HARDING*, Jan-Willem VAN BOCHOVE, Shay O'FARRELL, Owen DAY, Keith GIBSON, Katherine YATES, Peter RAINES
18.743 Sediment accumulation rates and coastal land use change impact in Abrolhos Reef Complex, Brazil Augusto NETTO*, Roberto ARGOLLO, Ruy KIKUCHI
18.745 Reef Structure of Anegada: 30 Years of Change Shannon GORE*, Mervin HASTINGS
18.746 Decade-long (1998-2007) trends in live coral cover on a tropical eastern Pacific coral reef at Gorgona Island, Colombia Fernando A. ZAPATA*, Alberto RODRÍGUEZ-RAMÍREZ, Raúl NAVAS-CAMACHO
18.747 Long-term Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Benthic Organisms at Andros Island Reefs Brooke GINTERT*, Nuno GRACIAS
18.748 Status and Trends of Coral Reef Systems from Natural Reserves in Puerto Rico: evaluating resilience, bleaching mortality and the influence of mesoscale eddys Jorge GARCIA-SAIS*
18.749 Dynamics of coral communities in Sekisei Lagoon, Okinawa, Japan Tadashi KIMURA*
18.750 10 years ReefCheck Surveys in Japan Mariko ABE*, Yasuaki MIYAMOTO, Megumu TSUCHIKAWA, Chihiro NISHIHARA, Akira IGUCHI, Nobuo WATANABE
18.751 The Results of the First Comprehensive Benthic Assessment of the Coral Reef Habitats of Bermuda Thaddeus MURDOCH, Annie GLASSPOOL*, Mike COLELLA
18.753 Temporal Changes in Coral Communities Associated to Thalassia testudinum Meadows at the Inner Bay of Mochima, Venezuela Sheila M. PAULS*
18.754 Habitat validation and resource assessment of a grouper spawning aggregation and mesophotic coral reef Marine Protected Area in the US Virgin Islands Tyler SMITH*, Jeremiah BLONDEAU, Richard NEMETH, Jacqulyn CALNAN, Elizabeth KADISON
18.755 Coral Community Composition in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands in Relation to Sources of Major Anthropogenic Impacts Matthew DRAUD, Longin T. KACZMARSKY*
18.756 Structure and health condition of four sponge communities in the Archipielago de Los Roques National Park, Venezuela Estrella VILLAMIZAR*, Maria Cristina DIAZ, Jeannette PEREZ, Humberto CAMISOTTI
18.757 Quantification of Reef Benthos Communities and Variability Inherent to the Video Transect Method, Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, Brazil Carla RAMOS*, Fernanda AMARAL, Ruy KIKUCHI, Eduardo CHAVES, Gabriel RIVAS
18.758 Coral reef biodiversity loss at Mexican Caribbean due to the increasing tourist development effects Gilberto ACOSTA GONZÁLEZ*, Fabián RODRÍGUEZ-ZARAGOZA, Carlos GONZÁLEZ SALAS, Jesús ARIAS GONZÁLEZ
18.759 The Status of the Reefs of Sudan in 2007 Rebecca KLAUS*, Jeremy KEMP, Melita SAMOILYS, Holger ANLAUF
18.760 Status of Coral Reefs in Iranian Waters of the Persian Gulf OMID SEDIGHISAVADKOUHI*, HAMZEH VALAVI
18.761 Fish communities and habitat interactions at two reef systems of the Gulf of Mexico. Gabriela NAVA MARTÍNEZ*, Ernesto ARIAS
18.762 Marine debris density on coral reefs around U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands Sarah MYHRE*
18.763 Changes in Coral Reef Ecosystem Structure across Environmental and Human Impact Gradients Sheila WALSH*, Elizabeth DINSDALE, Mary DONOVAN, Robert EDWARDS, Tracey MCDOLE
18.764 A Coral Reef Monitoring experience: joining community and scientific participation. Ana Lidia GASPAR*, Beatrice FERREIRA, Mauro MAIDA, Caroline FEITOSA, Sergio REZENDE, Eduardo MACEDO, Fabio NEGRAO, Ana Paula PRATES, Andreza PACHECO, Iara SOMMER, Liana MENDES, Joao Marcello CAMARGO, Bernadete BARBOSA, Danilo MARX
18.765 Differential recovery rates of selected Philippine reefs from impacts of the 1997-1998 ENSO event: A decade after Miledel Christine QUIBILAN*, Karen Lou FRANCISCO, Rollan GERONIMO, Porfirio ALINO
18.766 Damage and short-term recovery of coral reefs after consecutive hurricanes in a Caribbean Island Marinés MILLET-ENCALADA*, Lorenzo ALVAREZ-FILIP, Roberto HERNÁNDEZ-LANDA, Héctor REYES-BONILLA
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