Faculty and Staff Own the Next 50

Faculty & Staff Giving

Own the Next 50!

During this year’s annual campaign, we want to encourage you, fellow faculty and staff, to give to NSU in support of those things that are important to you – academic research, classroom instruction, student scholarships, and more.

In addition, every gift counts toward our participation goals, a key consideration of accrediting bodies and external funding sources. That's why it's twice as important to receive gifts of ANY amount from our faculty and staff.

But it’s more than that. Giving is your chance to say that you believe in the promise that NSU holds and the great things it offers to all of us that make up the university. That you believe in our students, values, and the work you and your co-workers do each and every day.

Please click on one of the links below to select your gift designation and amount. You may choose to split your gift conveniently through payroll deduction or choose from options presented on the online credit card site.

Payroll Deduction | Online Credit Card Site

Percentage of Faculty and Staff Giving

Thank you for giving! Your personal investment in Nova Southeastern University – above and beyond your professional commitment – fosters our students' success and promotes an atmosphere of excellence throughout the NSU community. Together, we are ensuring a strong and vibrant future for our university.

Not only is NSU a great place for students, research and service. It is also a great place to work. These are 50 reasons why we love NSU!

1. The students! 26. College tuition discounts for family
2. Distinguished speaker series 27. 37.5-hours work week
3. A student body representing 116 countries 28. Reduced tuition for PreK-Grade 12
4. Free admission to Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale 29. NSU series at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale
5. Generous number of holidays 30. Alumni access to resources
6. Distance learning opportunities 31. 485 research databases
8. Separate faculty/staff clinics 32. One million+ library resources
9. No copay for generic at NSU's pharmacy 33. 288,000 e-resources
10. Discounted access to the Recplex 34. 110,000 e-books
11. Fellow faculty and staff 35. 20 health clinics open to the public
12. Commitment to the community 36. Early childhood intervention programs
13. Accepting atmosphere for ALL students 37. Specialized institutes
14. More than $4,500 in savings from popular retailers 38. New research initiatives
15. Education from PreK – Doctoral degree 39. New research facilities
16. 50%-80% college tuition waivers 40. Career Advancement Opportunities
17. Pervasive entrepreneurial spirit 41. Helping students pursue their dreams
18. Beautiful 314-acre main campus 42. Cultural diversity
19. Strong regional campuses 43. Team camaraderie
20. 2,000+ community events per year 44. Consistent exciting projects
21. 150+ plays and concerts per year 46. Working with strong professionals
22. 20,000 student volunteer hours donated each year 47. Great matching retirement program
23. 17 NCAA Division II athletic teams 48. Being a part of inspiring history
24. Intramural sports 49. Transform a student's life
25. Four libraries 50. Opportunity to give back

Why is the faculty and staff campaign so important? Contributions from current and retired faculty and staff provide funding for programs, departments, and scholarships at NSU.  Equally important is the strong message sent to those OUTSIDE the university community, announcing to alumni, friends, corporations, foundations, and community partners that we support Nova Southeastern University and feel the university is worthy of their support.

Your gift can help support programs that will continue to strengthen NSU and help current faculty, staff and students achieve even greater success.  Many of you have made a commitment to this effort already in FY 14, and we are extremely thankful. For those of you who are new to NSU or who have not yet made a gift, please consider participating in the annual faculty and staff campaign. 

Payroll Deduction: Current NSU employees will find that the easiest way to make a gift is through payroll deduction. You can determine the amount you would like to have deducted each pay period by using the payroll deduction guide below. Feel free to return the payroll deduction form to the Division of Advancement and Community Relations.

Payroll Deduction Guide
Annual Gift Breakdown By Pay Period
Bi-Weekly26 Pay Periods
$1.93 $50.00
$3.85 $100.00
$9.62 $250.00
$19.24 $500.00
$38.47 $1,000*

Online gift: You can make a secure online gift using your credit card or by calling Jenna Tadros, Gift Processor, at 954-262-2117.

Check: Please make your check payable to the Nova Southeastern University and send it to: Division of Advancement and Community Relations Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations 10th Floor Museum of Art Plaza 200 S. Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

*Note: Donating $38.46 per paycheck for five years allows you to name your own Changing Lives Scholarship. Funds are fully dispersed each year in accordance with terms you develop with an advancement staff member in accordance with NSU’s Changing Lives Scholarship guidelines. You can designate the college or center or program, and further direct that funds benefit a University School pre-K-grade 12 student, or an NSU undergraduate, graduate student, or doctoral candidate.
In addition to changing the life of a student, Changing Lives Scholarship donors are recognized as President’s Associates. This annual giving society was founded by Abraham Fischler, Ed.D.

  1. I can only give a small amount. Should I still donate?
    Yes! Our goal this year is to have as many faculty and staff participate and we encourage your gift at any level. Strong internal support such as yours sends a message to the community that we are committed to the success of our students and the excellence of Nova Southeastern University.


  1. I already donated this year. Will my gift count toward the 2014 faculty and staff campaign?
    Yes! If you gave to NSU anytime during the academic year, thank you. We acknowledge gifts between July 1-June 30 as part of our faculty and staff giving.


  1. May I designate my gift to more than one area?
    Yes, you can designate your gift to a fund of your choice. View a list of frequently used designations on our online form or call our Annual Giving office at 954-262-2121.


  1. Is my gift tax deductible?
    Yes, your gift will qualify as a charitable contribution, and will be deductible subject to normal IRS limitations.


  1. How can I get more information about the Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign?
    More information is available by calling 954-262-2121 or emailing Chiara Espinalce394@nova.edu


  1. Will others know the amount of my gift or where I direct my contribution?
    No. NSU does not release gift amounts or designations without a donor's permission.


  1. My spouse also works at the University. Will our joint gift count for both of us?
    Yes. If you and your spouse are both employed by NSU, you may contribute either separately or jointly. If you are making a joint gift, please indicate this on either the payroll deduction form or the online giving form. 
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