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Weeks of Welcome (WOW)

Two weeks long of exciting programs and activities where you can discover how you can get involved and find out about programs, services and opportunities tailored to make your NSU experience even more enriching, vibrant and memorable.


Sharkapalooza, one of the great traditions at NSU is the highlight of the University's Week of Welcome (WOW), Count on Sharkapalooza to be a memorable welcome-home event, featuring a student organization fair, performances, great prizes, activity booths, and free food!


This is a time for alumni, students, and the SHARK Family to celebrate NSU and show their SHARK Pride! This week long celebration includes a Block Painting Party, Flight Deck Follies, Raft Races, Homecoming Dance, Comedy Show, Tailgate and a Basketball game!

NSU CommunityFest

NSU CommunityFest is an annual festival that celebrates and connects NSU students, employees, and their families as well as community business and organization in a carnival like atmosphere.


The Student Life Achievement Awards, known as the "STUEYS" is an annual celebration of NSU's best in scholarship, leadership, involvement, service, commitment, integrity and inclusion. This is also a celebration of the hundreds of activities designed to enrich the overall student experience of the NSU community.

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