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Policies and Procedures

Posting and Publicity Policies

Guidelines/ General Posting Policies

Following are some posting guidelines:

Specific Posting Policies

For specific posting policies, please see the NSU Positing Policies by building.


Acceptable Publicity

Unacceptable Publicity/Solicitation in any campus location

Designated Locations and Procedures

The university has designed suitable areas in most buildings for the purpose of providing a place to post notices. The purpose of this set of procedures is to outline guidelines for the general posting and distribution of publicity material(s) as well as provide guidelines for the use of designated places within the University Center for the posting of said material(s).


  • Publicity materials should not be posted or distributed until appropriate approval has been received.
  • All announcements shall indicate the name of the individual or group sponsoring the notice and receive approval from the appropriate facility manager.
  • Publicity material(s) shall be posted only on bulletin boards or other approved areas designated in this policy.
  • Under no circumstances shall any publicity material be placed, written, or painted upon any surface (interior or exterior) including, but not limited to trees or shrubs, cars, poles, signs, doors, windows, walls, sidewalks, or other campus structures.
  • The primary advertising message may not promote alcohol or other drugs.
  • Phrases or pictures promoting these substances must be avoided.
  • Material must not contain statements or pictures that would reasonably be perceived as offensive or insensitive to any group on the basis or religion, ethnicity, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Announcements failing to meet these requirements will be removed without notice.
  • The distribution of any publicity material(s) shall be consistent with the orderly conduct of the university’s affairs, the maintenance of university property, and the free flow of traffic and persons.
  • Efforts must be made to avoid litter.
  • Distribution by means of personal solicitation, accosting individuals, hawking, or shouting is strictly prohibited.
  • Violations of this policy constitute violations of university policy and will be addressed through the appropriate disciplinary channels.

Designated Locations and Procedures

The University Center is divided into five (5) designated areas.  Only registered student organizations, academic units, university departments, and approved non-university entities may publicize in the University Center.  All publicity intended for the University Center must be approved by the appropriate designated area manager and stamped for posting.  The five (5) designated areas are:

  1. The Student Union  (Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement) and University Center Common Areas – Student Union Office Suite 1235
  2. The RecPlex – Recreation & Wellness Office Suite 1235
  3. Arena – Suite 1218
  4. Shark Dining
  5. Performing and Visual Arts Department 
  • For All Areas: Please provide advertisement for approval ten (10) business days in advance, prior to the event start date. Approval of all publicity will be indicated by the placement of an ink stamp on the publicity.  The publicity will be approved to be advertised for (14) days from when it is posted.  A Student Union employee will be responsible for the posting and removal of all publicity in the designated area.  Publicity may be displayed  in the following forms:


  • Easels are only allowed at the North and Main Lobby entrances.
  • All Easels must be brought to the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement, who will then have a staff member place the easel in its proper location.
  • All easels must be approved and logged in the publicity binder.
  • As space is limited- all easels are on a first come, first served basis.
  • Registered Student Organizations will be provided easels for their advertisement by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.
  • All departments are responsible for bringing in their own easel to have their publicity advertised. Please ensure to have your easel labeled.
  • Only one easel at each entrance is permitted at one time per sponsored group/department.
  • Publicity may be rotated during the fourteen (14) day period at the discretion of the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

Posters: (please see below for more detail for all Student Organizations)

  • Window/glass posters are only allowed in the Flight Deck and the North Information Desk Glass (need special permission from Campus Life and Student Engagement).
  • All posters placed on the windows of the Flight Deck and on the glass partition must be a vertical six E (34” x 44”) printed poster.
  • All posters will be disposed of at the end of the seventh (7th) day or the day after the event has occurred.
  • All posters must be submitted through under the “Window Poster Advertising Request Form” and once approved, brought to the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.
  •  An SGA logo must be present on fliers if the event is SGA funded.

Window Advertisement/Painting:

  • Prior to posting advertisement on the windows of the Main Entrance of the University Center, please fill out the form located in OrgSync to be approved.
  • You may place advertisement (posters), window paint, or a combination of both on the main entrance windows of the University Center. (This excludes the main entrance doors and any windows with Nova Southeastern University writing on them. There is a diagram that shows the exact locations located in the Office Campus Life and Student Engagement).
  • Window Paint is not permitted on any other windows in the University Center including but not limited to: The Flight Deck Windows, PVA Windows and the North Lobby Entrance windows (facing the library). If there is window paint found on prohibited windows and buildings, the window paint will be removed, your organization/department will be charged for the cleaning fees via facilities and you will not be allowed to window paint for the academic year.
  • No Window Paint is allowed in any building except the University Center. If there is window paint found in prohibited buildings, the window paint will be removed, your organization will be charged for the cleaning fees via facilities and you will not be allowed to window paint for the academic year.
  • Each organization/department is allowed to Window Paint for a maximum of 1 week PER MONTH (7 Days, Sun-Sun). If an organization/department would like to window paint for 1 day and it does not interfere with a previously approved window advertisement/painting request, this is allowed as well.
  • Each organization/department is responsible for putting up and taking down the window advertisement by the time indicated on the form. Failure to take down the advertisement within the times indicated will result in loss of being able to window advertise/paint in the future and a cleaning fee charge will be posted to your student/departmental account for facilities removing the advertisement. Your organization/department will also not be allowed to advertise/paint for an academic year.
  • All window advertising/paint requests MUST be submitted 10 business days before the date requested (“business days” excludes weekends and holidays)
  • Window painting/advertisement is a “first come, first served basis.”
  • The approved window painting/advertisement is for the organization/department that was approved for the windows ONLY. No other organization/department can put up advertisements on the windows while an organization/department has the windows approved unless the organization has submitted written approval to OrgSync.
  • All window advertisements/painting must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.
  • All window paint will be supplied by the SOURCE office located in the Rosenthal Building, room 201 for Student Organizations Only. All Departments are responsible for supplying their own window paint.
  • For Student Organizations: Once your window advertisement/painting request is approved, the requester must then bring the approved form to the SOURCE the day they are picking up the window painting supplies. The SOURCE will not release window paint to an organization unless the form of approval is brought with the organization. The form MUST have the approval from SAoperations prior to being brought to the SOURCE for supplies.

All other publicity materials (i.e. flyers, posters, table tents, floor signs, banners, wall murals, message boards, televisions, easels, displays, etc) must receive written approval from the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagementand the Graduate Assistant for Operations and Training within the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.


  • Any bathrooms in the University Center
  • Any University Center Elevators
  • Any University Center Walls
  • Any University Center Columns


University Center Poster Promotion Procedure

  • Posters MUST be submitted to the Office of Student Activates for approval at least 1 week before the event that is being promoted takes place.
  • Posters that promote events will not be approved unless the event has previously been approved by Campus Life and Student Engagement Operations. 
  • Posters that are promoting a Greek organization’s event must also be approved by Deborah.
  • Poster can be posted in the Flight Deck by the Flight Deck staff.
  • Posters that are handmade will be placed in the windows by the North Lobby entrance of the UC (the entrance by the library) the day of the event, by Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement staff.
  • Posters on easels can stay out for promotion for 2 weeks maximum or until the event advertised is over (whichever comes first). 
  • Please be sure to include:
    • Organization Name
    • Contact Information (preferably email address)
    • Date of event
    • Time of event
    • Location of event
    • The SGA seal (if your event is being funded by SGA)
  • If your poster needs to be put on an easel please be sure to:
    • Request a foam board
    • Supply an easel
    • Request an easel if you don’t have an easel to supply.
  • Unapproved flyers will be pulled from the table tents.
  • Posters found in the bathrooms will be removed.

The only authorized posting area in the Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information    Technology Center is the bulletin board located in the Entrance/Exit way located on your right as you leave the building. Flyers must be approved by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement and should not exceed the dimension of 11”x17”.

  • Non-Business Materials must be approved for posting by the representative at the    reception  desk
  • There are plastic sign holders at the entrance of every classroom where you may post flyers (the day of the event only). Tape (of any kind) is not to be used on the wall or doors of the Carl DeSantis Building.
  • Only four (4) copies of the material are allowed to be pinned to bulletin board (1 on each board).
  • One (1) poster on an easel is permitted if the easel is provided. This is allowed to showcase.
  • Twenty-five (25) flyers may be placed on the front desk if they are approved beforehand.
  • If you have any questions or require any further information please contact Event Coordinator, April Mitchison at (954) 262-1521
  • Outside users must first contact the Facilities Management office at (954) 262-8823 to obtain permission to utilize space within the Health Professions Buildings.
  • Tape (of any kind) is not to be used on the walls, windows or doors of any of the six buildings in the Health Professions Division. We do provide many bulletin boards throughout HPD areas for information signs or postings that are letter sized. Tripods that are personalized for your program can be set up anywhere, with directions, etc. on the signs at any location, entrances, etc.
  • Food and drinks of any kind (water is the exception) are strictly forbidden in many classrooms, all study rooms and all of the auditoriums. These items stain our carpets and cost NSU money for repair or replacement, besides many calls for pest control.
  • If you find it necessary to move around the tables and chairs in the classrooms, please be kind enough to return them to classroom style when you leave.
  • For information on parking and parking decals, please contact Public Safety at (954) 262-5516 or (954) 262-8999.
  • All materials should be submitted to the Office of Information Services in room M305 or
  • There are two (2) bulletin boards on the third (3rd) floor that are designated for student postings.
  • Flier may not exceed 8 ½ x 11 inches.
  • Any flier hung without OIS will be removed.
  • Not permitted:
    • Easel posters for student organization events inside the lobby.
    • Postcards, handbills, or table tents on lobby tables.
    • Postings outside the building on posts, railings, tables.
    • Postings inside classrooms.
    • Posting on walls, windows, elevators, and bathrooms.
  • Easel displays and tabletop materials inside the first floor lobby are permitted for administrative and academic purposes only. They can be displayed for two (2) weeks, but may remain if space is available. Arrangements must be made through OIS prior to posting.
  • All publicity must be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Dean. Fliers that are stamped as approved can be posted on designated bulletin boards in the building. You may contact (954) 262-5700 or go to Room 2020 for approval and additional information.
  • If your student organizations was not allocated a bulletin board from the Undergraduate Student Government Association then the only authorized area that you may post flyers is on the second level of the lobby stairway.
  • Not permitted
    • Easel posters for student organization events inside the lobby.
    • Postcards, handbills, or table tents on lobby tables.
    • Postings outside the building on posts, railings, tables.
    • Postings inside classrooms.
    • Posting on walls, doors, windows, elevators, and bathrooms.
  • Building Contact: Ada Christie (

Any publicity or signage to be posted in the Law Center must be approved by the Facilities Manager or his or her designee. The building Manager will also put up the poster in the Atrium and the Student Vending Area.

All material(s) need to go though Maria Lemme at 954-262-8940.

All material will be submitted through the Marketing Manager of Chartwells. The type of publications placed in these areas can/will be limited to table tents, flyers, and posters. The umber of each material will be limited by the number of tables the Manager decides to utilize for advertising at each restaurant.

Student organizations may advertise in The Current at discounted rates. Student organizations may also submit calendar events and news briefs to be published at no cost. Organizations interested in advertising in the newspaper should contact the Business Manager at 954-262-8461; for all other items, the Editor-in-Chief may be contacted at 954-262-8455. In order to appear in the next issue, all advertising must be submitted by 5pm Wednesday. Advertising Manager or advisor will approve all material submitted.

Student organizations may publicize on WNSU Radio X 88.5 FM at discounted rates. Public service announcements are also accepted without any costs. Organizations interested in publicizing on the radio station should contact the Business Manager at 954-262-8457. Content is approved by Michelle Manley. Rates can be found at Deadlines depend on the desired amount of “air time.”

  • Student organizations can advertise events on the University’s web calendar
  • Official student clubs or organizations sponsored by the University may create and maintain web pages with the organization as the focal point. A designated club member possessing the requisite computer skills must be appointed by the club or organization to serve as the webmaster. The webmaster will be responsible for creating and maintaining the organization’s webpage with approval from the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. The webmaster may obtain a copy of the Information Provider Agreement (IPA) form online at
  • More information and the policy on the use of material in web pages can be found at For assistance with print and non-print copyright clearances, call Media Services at 954-262-4920. Individuals and departments creating web pages must secure rights to all material copyrighted by others, including but not limited to, text, images, and sounds, before using such material for their web pages. If there are any questions regarding copyright permission of Publications Department at 954-262-8850 for guidance.

Audio/Visual Needs

The Flight does not supply audio/visual needs (Mic, DVD players, Projectors, etc.). However, the Flight Deck can request these items on your behalf, through Nova Southeastern University’s AV department. Such request should be made at a minimum of five (5) day in advance.

Furniture Equipment

The Flight Deck is not responsible for the rearrangement, movement, or return of furniture equipment. Organizations, groups, or individuals have two options in regards to the rearrangement, movement, or return of furniture equipment.

Catering (Refer to the Catering Policies and Procedures)

Please be advised that the Flight Deck is not responsible for/nor provides any kind of catering service, other than the sale of beverages. If Catering is required for your event, please contact Chartwells Catering Services at 954-262-5335.