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Student Organizations

Fin Points

Fin Points were created in order to to promote collaboration, communication, and a campus community. Fin Points are allocated only towards events or activities that promote student organization growth, creating name recognition on campus, and giving back to the community. Points are not awarded for individual participation or attending in events or activities. Fin Points allocations are given from May to May.

Blue Fin Organizations (30 points)

  • Have an OrgSync Page
  • For budget requests, SGA will take into account your current point level
  • Advertise on campus
  • Recruit new members
  • Table at all organizational fairs and Summer Orientation
  • Reserve meeting rooms
  • Hold campus events
  • Request a Locker in Rosenthal
  • Access Vans and Van Certification

Silver Fin Organizations (60 points)

  • For budget requests, SGA will take into account your current point level
  • Request funds from the Campus Life and Student Engagement security fund

Gold Fin Organizations (120 points)

  • For budget requests, SGA will take into account your current point level
  • SGA considers requests for T-shirts and Conferences at Gold Fin status
  • Able to co-sponsor Homecoming events and other major activities
  • May be requested to join the Shark Corps

Please Note: All budget requests are subject to SGA approval, and this does not guarantee funding.

Organizations may only receive points for one activity at a time, groups may not claim points for more than activity at a time following per event, activity, program, or workshop. Students who belong to more than one organization may only count points towards one organization.

  • Registering via OrgSync -- 15 points
  • Completing Organization Orientation -- 15 points
  • Blue Fin Status -- 30 points

Ways to get more points:

ActivityPointsMax Points
IOC meeting 3 per meeting No Max
Emerging Leadership program 10 10
Attend Organizations Workshops 3 No Max
Attend Sharkapalooza 5 5
Project SERVE volunteer hours 1 per hour 30
SLCE Leadership Conference 2 per person 10
Host or Co-Host an Event 5 per event 10 per semester, 20 per year
Have an up-to date and active OrgSync Page 5 5
NSU's Got Talent participation 5 5
Summer Organizational fairs 2 per fair 10
RSO Information Sessions attendance 5 5
SEA Thursday Tabling 2 per tabling 12
Host SEA Thursday 5 5
Table at CommunityFest 5 5

Other points may be given by Campus Life and Student Engagement

  • Silver Fin Organizations will start with 5 extra points in May.
  • Gold Fin Organization will start with 20 points in May, and may roll over up to 10 additional points over 120.
IOC/Greek meetings (3pts, No Max)
At each IOC/ Greek meeting there will be a sign in sheet for each organization member to receive points. No additional paperwork is necessary.

Attend Emerging Leadership program (10 pts)
If one member registers and successfully completes the Emerging leadership program, the organization will get ten points.

Shark Team Workshops (3pts No Max)
At each workshop there will be a sign-in at the end of the workshop.

Attend Sharkapalooza (5pts)
Organizations that are on the roster for Sharkapalooza, will automatically get points for attending the event.

Project SERVE volunteer hours (1pts per hour, max 20pts)
Fill out the approval form with the SLCE office.

SLCE Leadership Conference (2pts per person, max 10pts)
Students that check in at the conference will be given 2 points per member that attends. No additional paperwork is needed.

Plan a campus-wide event (5pts, max 10pts)
When an organization turns in their activity approval form, they will be given the points upon completion of the event.

Co-sponsor an event with another Org. (5pts per sponsorship, max 10pts)
In order to get these points, organizations must fill out an activity approval form, along with attaching publicity that shows their co-sponsorship.

Have an up-to date OrgSync Page (5pts)
OrgSync pages must include organization name, purpose, meeting dates, upcoming events, and valid contact information. The RSO pages will be checked periodically for active use and will be renewed at the end of the Academic year. If you have questions about updating your OrgSync page, please e-mail