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Robert Vasquez

Robert Vasquez

Revolutionizing the Restaurant and Hospitality Industries

Hometown: Miami, FL United States
Profession: President at Kitchen Porter Tech, Inc.

"I will never stop looking for a better way to serve my clients," vows Robert Vasquez. He has worked in the restaurant industry and ran his own franchises for more than a decade. However, Vasquez remains grateful to the institution that prepared him to become the innovator and entrepreneur he is today.

“It was valuable to learn from professors who were scholars and experts in their field,” Vasquez (B.S. '00) says. "I was immediately impressed with their caliber." He states the skills and industry knowledge gained from NSU's H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship gave him a career advantage.

“I forecasted a trend in technology towards web-based platforms. With the restaurant and hospitality industry, there is a lot of data entry. I thought if I can improve and automate a lot of those systems, this would translate to savings in time and overhead. This would then allow clients more time to work with customers and employees."

Experimentation with different technologies led Vasquez and his business partner to develop FactorFox. This web-based, factoring software helps new and existing businesses with their day to day transactions. According to Vasquez, the product is optimized for cost and comprehensive services. Robert is also helping small businesses by providing funds to businesses that qualify for factoring.

On the heels of FactorFox’s success, Kitchen Porter Tech, LLC. was also developed by Vasquez. This software won him first place in the Miami Herald for “Best Business Plan Challenge.” He explains, “Kitchen Porter Tech automates much of the work restaurant employees have to do. For example, say a customer orders a hamburger. The employee rings up a hamburger. Our software takes that data, checks the recipe, and deducts those items from inventory. This puts the user at a huge advantage.”

Kitchen Porter Tech is also compatible with accounting and human resource functions. Companies can adjust the balance sheet, employees can ask for days off, and schedules can be managed from multiple locations.

But Vasquez hasn’t stopped there. A new venture,, is a free service that currently has over 900 subscribers in over 83 countries. “ is useful for any person who wants to open a restaurant business,” explains Vasquez. “They use my software to see what the recipe would cost. With the popularity of custom cupcakes, we are seeing a lot of bakeries as new registrants.” Robert is always looking to help other entrepreneurs and launched a blog site he maintains regularly for restaurant owners, management, and staff at

With another product to be launched in six months, Vasquez is constantly working to deliver superior customer value. “I am lucky to have such a dedicated staff. Not only here, but overseas as well,” he says. When Vasquez launches his next product, surely the world-and his proud alma mater-will be watching.
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