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Eugene Strasser

Eugene Strasser

Making Healthcare Look Good – Inside and Out

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL United States
Profession: Plastic Surgeon at Cosmeplast

An accomplished plastic surgeon with a thriving practice, Dr. Eugene Strasser (J.D. ’01) was not a typical law student at the Shepard Broad College of Law.   He returned to school while maintaining his professional practice in order to pursue an intellectual passion.

A childhood immigrant to America from communist Hungary, Strasser demonstrated an early interest in constitutional law and considers the U.S. Constitution to be "the greatest document ever written.” He learned from patients that Nova had a great evening law program and decided to attend to study the Constitution and the U.S. legal system.

“Nova faculty stands out because they were able to communicate their enthusiasm for the subject. My professors made learning dynamic and enjoyable. In bringing the topic to life, they generated similar enthusiasm in their students."

While at Nova, he also had the opportunity to study healthcare and malpractice law and saw a very different side of medical malpractice. “I was shocked to learn how the law can be manipulated by attorneys trying to create a case. There are definitely physicians that should not be practicing. If a patient has a valid malpractice case, I have testified for them.  In falsified cases, I advised against the law suit. Some attorneys have still proceeded to their financial detriment." 

He also served on the Florida Bar Association Grievance Committee dealing with complaints against attorneys and “I’ve also defended against those that have been falsely accused.”  Whether it’s the law or the medicine, both professions have as their highest duty serving the public interest.”

Early in his medical education, Strasser realized that plastic surgery was a life-changing profession and one which he continues to be passionate about after thirty years in practice. “I’m sure I will always be. I just do my best for my patients and they tell me that the work I do has changed their world. I had a patient who was under psychiatric care for depression for years. After her facelift, she discontinued her therapy because she felt so much better about her life.  It may seem a surface change to some, but for my patients, it helps them from the inside out to feel more confident and happy.”

Strasser's advice to current Shepard Broad College of Law students: “Attending law school is a valuable life experience. With all the competition in the legal field today, it’s a brutal profession. But if you have confidence and passion, you can make it and do great work.”

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