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Alan Conner

Alan Conner

Helping Your Finances Make Sense

Hometown: Atlanta, GA United States
Profession: Fixed Income Analyst at Spectrum Advisory Services, Inc.

From the time he was in high school, Alan Conner had an entrepreneurial mind. “I wrote a business plan as part of a cooperative education class.   At the time, I worked with a small accounting firm doing basic accounting.  In my business plan, I explained how the company would take a business from formation to then include accounting and investment management. It’s interesting how life comes full circle.”

When he arrived at Nova, Conner was already a working professional. “I had been in the business world for four years and had my securities license. As a full time student, I was looking for a program that would challenge me, but allow me to finish quickly. Nova had that flexibility.” After graduation, Conner (B.S. ’01) moved to Atlanta, but realized he wasn’t finished with his NSU education.

“With a banking and finance specialty in my undergraduate studies, the online M.B.A. program was a perfect fit.” He continues, “I enjoyed the program tremendously. I was able to leverage my professional experience to move through the coursework. I also appreciated that my professors applied their practical industry knowledge to enhance the classroom experience.”

Today, Conner (M.B.A. ’06) works as a fixed income analyst at Spectrum Advisory Services, trading taxable fixed income securities, managing cash flows, back office operations, and compliance.  “My knowledge of the front office and back office operations, combined with sales and management experience in the investment advisory business, brings a unique perspective to our clients. I want clients for ten years. I am not looking for the quick fix or the next sale.”

An endurance athlete in his leisure time, Conner found more than enough energy to build his business. He explains, “I was solving problems on my long rides/runs. I like finding ways to improve a business’ efficiency and redundancy.” He thought, “There has got to be a business in doing this.” At the same time, someone close to him needed immediate assistance with business formation, accounting and retirement planning. As a result, in 2010, Conner founded and became President of My Professional CFO, LLC. The organization assists independent contractors with incorporation, accounting and investment planning.

Many of Conner’s clients are small business or medical professionals.  “I help them to start their corporation, handle their bank statements, tax filings, board meetings, and quarterly reports. I then pull all of the data into one comprehensive accounting package. “

On the horizon, Conner is working on creating courses that teach the business of medicine to students at Nova’s Health Professions Division. The courses would deliver valuable information about becoming an independent contractor, credentialing, and human resources. 

Conner knows the value of differentiating yourself in a competitive market. The best piece of advice he ever received was “Be more than what your career is. Build the relationship first and the business will come.”

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