NOVALERT NSU - (954) 262-8999

Contact the Office of Public Safety (NOVALERT - Hotline) 24 hours/7 days a week for emergency or non-emergency situations at (954) 262-8999.

NSU Visitor Parking

All visitors parking at NSU's Main Campus need to do one of the following:

It is important that you park in visitor lots only. Campus maps are available which show designated visitor parking spaces within each lot. For maps, permits, and directions, you may inquire at the One Stop Shop on the 1st floor of the Horvitz Administration Building, which is located off of College Avenue.

If you have an appointment with admissions, or are attending a special event on-campus, you may have been issued an event-parking placard. Please follow the directions for displaying your placard, and park in your designated event area to avoid parking problems.

Definition of a Visitor

A visitor is someone not directly affiliated with Nova Southeastern University. Spouses and children of faculty members, staff members, and students are considered to be affiliated with Nova Southeastern University and thus are not included in the definition of a visitor.