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Mission Statement

The principal mission of the Center for Applied Research on

Substance Use and Health Disparities (ARSH) is the

production, dissemination, and utilization of scientific

knowledge in the areas of substance abuse, health risk

behaviors, and health disparities among vulnerable

populations. Areas of special interest include:

The etiology, patterns and consequences, and prevention

and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse;

The epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and other sexually

transmitted infections, and the prevention of such

infections among highly vulnerable populations;

The prevalence and patterns of health disparities among

affected subpopulations, and the development and testing

of new approaches to intervention.

ARSH is located within the Department of Justice and Human

Services in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social

Sciences. The Center is headed by Dr. Steven P. Kurtz (Ph.D.

in Sociology from Florida International University). In

addition to the Miami research office, ARSH maintains a field

office that houses the day-to-day operations of extramurally

funded grants.