Campaign To Preeminence


The passion that unites Nova Southeastern University with our donors and partners is the drive to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world around us. Whether through our shared investment in people, communities, business and economy, or our environment, together we can change lives today and enrich the future for those who come after us. We are marching forward in our rise as a preeminent, national research university—one of only two world-class private universities here in Florida. When we reached the capstone of our Vision 2020, we exceeded our goals for philanthropic and research dollars. Now, as part of our Vision 2025 Campaign to Preeminence, we will bring that total to $1 billion, which includes $500 million in philanthropic gifts and $500 million in research funding. In the process, we will increase NSU’s endowment to an all-time high of $300 million to strengthen our financial sustainability and begin to match more of our competitors. As NSU thrives, so do our students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, patients, donors, communities, and even our region. By 2025, NSU’s economic impact on the state of Florida is projected to reach $5 billion or more. There are so many ways the NSU community of educators, researchers, health care providers, students, and volunteers are partnering with donors and investors, like you, to truly make a difference in the world—and shape the legacies we leave behind. Across NSU’s 14 colleges, its libraries and NSU Art Museum, its research and innovation centers, its athletics program and NSU University School, we are making an impact in the causes that mean the most to you, our donors and partners. These focused areas of impact range from health care to business and innovation, from pediatrics and child development to diversity and inclusion, from arts and culture to marine conservation, from athletics and team-building to supporting our students and faculty. NSU’s Campaign to Preeminence allows us to aim higher and make even greater contributions to today’s most urgent needs. Together, we can • Elevate the physical and mental well-being of our communities through new standards in health care education, research, and clinical practices. • Nurture and protect our children through innovations in pediatric medicine, health care, child development, and education. • Sustain the oceans, marine life, and the natural world around us, extending the spirit of sustainability to business and professional life as well. • Kindle an investment in future leaders through student scholarships, professorships, and program support. • Bolster our businesses, professions, and economic vitality through investments in innovation, technology, and the talent we need for the future. • Cultivate the arts community, enriching our cultural life and ensuring it reaches all in our diverse communities. • Foster diversity, equity, inclusion, teamwork, and belonging in our own—and shared—communities, here at home and around the world. • Champion the drive to excellence, leadership, and teamwork—along with personal well-being— through collegiate athletics, recreational sports, and fitness programs. A Message from the President Preeminence sparks the best in us and pushes us to create something magical and magnanimous. The trust and generosity of donors, like you, make it all possible. Today, our journey continues—a journey ripe for your commitment, your vision. Your passion, your investment is truly a game-changer here at NSU. It transforms lives, it amplifies our impact, and it changes things for the better. That’s why a gift to NSU is a gift of preeminence. Join us. Together, we can make this a stronger, richer, healthier world. George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Nova Southeastern University NSU AND YOU Join us in making the world a healthier place. Be part of NSU’s Campaign to Preeminence. Help us deliver innovative solutions to today’s challenges and prepare tomorrow’s leaders. Let us ensure that your gift will mean the most to the people and causes you hold most dear. Let your gift to NSU be a gift of preeminence. Questions? Need more information? Please contact Alissa Hechter, assistant vice president of development. Call: (954) 262-2408 Email: Text: (954) 594-7400

HEALTH CARE STUDENTS & FACULTY BUSINESS & ECONOMY ARTS & CULTURE OCEANS & NATURE PEDIATRICS & CHILD DEVELOPMENT DIVERSE COMMUNITIES ATHLETICS AREAS OF IMPACT Campaign gifts and research funding will help NSU make even greater contributions in these essential areas of need and opportunity. Our colleges, libraries, museum, University School, Levan Center of Innovation, and athletics programs each contribute across an array of these impact areas. A Gi ft to NSU Is a Gi ft of Preeminence OUR GOALS WAYS TO DIRECT YOUR GIFT You may choose to support “1 NSU” through a gift to NSU’s endowment or the President’s Strategic Initiatives Fund, which enhances the university’s financial standing and provides a resource for innovations and realizing new opportunities. Or, you may wish to support the academic, facility, student support, or programming needs of one of the following: Colleges Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice College of Computing and Engineering College of Dental Medicine College of Optometry College of Pharmacy College of Psychology Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences Farquhar Honors College H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship Halmos College of Arts and Sciences Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing Shepard Broad College of Law Centers & Programs Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale NSU Athletics NSU Health NSU Health Interprofessional Simulation Complex NSU Regional Campuses NSU University School Our team will help you direct your gift to best serve your vision, whether through support of NSU’s endowments, a named gift opportunity on one of our buildings or spaces, scholarship or professorship support, or a gift toward a specific program. You can also choose among multiyear gifts, membership in our giving societies at various levels, planned gifts, and gifts of stocks or equities. $500 Million for Philanthropy + $500 Million for Research = $1 Billion

From the first day I toured campus, I knew NSU was the place I wanted—I needed— to be. It felt safe here, it was beautiful, but, mostly, because I felt welcomed and appreciated. Today, I have mentors and career support that will take me a long way in life.” Joshua Robinson ’22 Information Technology and Business Administration Major I’m working hard to be a board-certified physician. But what keeps me going—and what I strive the most for—is to make sure I’ll be the kind of doctor who makes a positive impact. Being able to go on mission trips to help people overseas in underserved areas—that’s what has given me a taste of the kind of physician I want to be.” Charles de la Rosa, ’23 Second-Year Medical Student, D.O. I’m not sure everyone realizes how many ‘household-name’ psychology researchers and educators are at or affiliated with NSU. Not only that, but there’s a larger professional community, a family—both here on campus and out in the world—that supports and helps you for a lifetime. I’m so proud to be part of the network of mentors and colleagues that make this meaningful work even more rewarding.” Brandi N. Diaz, M.A. ’22 Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology Specialty Leaving the Marines and reentering civilian life was tougher than I imagined. I knew I wanted to pursue my graduate degree, but I was worried about getting lost in the shuffle at one of the larger state schools. NSU provided me with the support and environment I needed to get my confidence and focus back. I think, especially for men and women coming out of the military, NSU can be our next family and our launching pad for success and happiness here at home.” Abraham Diaz ’21 M.B.A. Graduate “ “ “ “ SCHOLARSHIPS CHANGE LIVES Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students Are Better Prepared for Success

“ Our goal is to help the NSU Art Museum open its doors wider and wider, so that all in the community can benefit from the treasures and inspiration inside. Whenever we see crowds of school children touring the exhibits here, we know we are moving that dream another step forward. Funding programs like these— that’s what warms our hearts.” Gerard Taylor and Nancy Bryant NSU's Art Museum, home of the Museum on the Move program and the Bryant-Taylor Endowed Curatorship THE ART HUB OF SOUTH FLORIDA Inspiring Passion and Purpose Through Arts and Culture A BRIDGE TO TOMORROW’S WORLD Providing a Legacy for Our Children’s Future Today NSU University School’s Lower School, home of the Quadracci Library “ Our son is starting kindergarten at a time when schools and teachers need more support than ever. My husband and I knew we had to help out. The library in our name not only benefits the children, the teachers, and the USchool, it also helps our son learn about the importance—and joy—of giving back. That’s a lesson that can power a lifetime.” Harry Richard Quadracci

A GATEWAY FOR ALL NSU’s Alvin Sherman Library Unites a World-Class Research University with the Community Around Us NSU’s Alvin Sherman Library is home to the Read for the Fun of It initiative and annual StoryFest experience “ It is a joy to be able to increase and celebrate literacy efforts in our community. By funding programs that encourage a love of reading, we can help to promote early childhood and family literacy in South Florida. These efforts prove their worth when you see families coming together to engage at a story time, book club, workshop, or other fine arts experience hosted by the library.” Barbara Mautner “ NSU took a chance on me and had my back way back when. And I’m extremely grateful for that. It means a lot to me to give something back to the place where it all started. Now it’s my turn to help the up-and-coming NSU athletes who are doing their best, right here, right now.” Miles Mikolas ’13 Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ALUMNUS Supports NSU’s Shark Nation NSU hosts the annual Miles Mikolas NSU Baseball Golf Classic Tournament

“ Education is about nurturing the whole person, sparking the fire to help others, and connecting with each individual to bring out the potential and the best that person can be. I will always appreciate what NSU did for me and what it continues to do for all in our community.” Harold Pryor, J.D. ’12 Broward State Attorney ALL RISE A Community of Legal Professionals Committed to Making the World a Better Place Harold Pryor was elected as the first Black state attorney in Florida and in Broward County “ “ NSU’s breadth of medical and health care colleges and research centers—combined with our business college and Levan Center of Innovation—allows us to transform whole health care systems so they are financially sustainable and, most importantly, foster the well-being of their patients and their communities.” Johannes W. Vieweg, M.D., FACS Dean and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine Better use of big data can open the door to better patient care, introducing new insights and practices to make health care more accessible, to address mental health and substance abuse needs, and to speed new treatments to the people who need it most. We can use the power of technology to save lives.” Julie Anne Jacko, Ph.D. Chair and Professor Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine Professor H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship A NEW STANDARD IN HEALTH CARE Transforming the Business of Health and Elevating Patient Care

THRIVING ECOSYSTEMS NURTURE OUR ECONOMY Sustaining a Healthier World and a Healthier Economy Donor support for the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences and its community outreach efforts have helped to amplify and accelerate NSU’s contributions in marine science and conservation NSU’s Halmos College with its Oceanographic Campus is home to the National Coral Reef Institute and the National Coral Reef Management Fellowship. These groups foster the conservation and restoration of reef systems with their impact on shoreline and property protection from hurricanes, as well as the multimillion-dollar fishing and SCUBA diving industries in Florida and across the globe. NSU researchers like Abigail Renegar, Ph.D., and her colleagues partner with NOAA and other federal agencies and NGOs to make advancements in preserving these valuable natural resources. With world-class research in marine science ranging from shark genomics to sea turtle conservation to coral reef restoration and more, NSU scientists, students, and partners make contributions, not only to save our environment for future generations, but also to bolster dozens of industries ranging from agriculture to tourism—all leading to a healthier economy and community. The coastline of Broward County, where NSU is located, provides critical nesting locations for three important sea turtle species. Led by Derek Burkholder, Ph.D., the NSU Marine Environmental Education Center (NSU MEEC) is a sister program and community outreach center with the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program and is charged with monitoring and protecting nesting sites. Groundbreaking research by Mahmood Shivji, Ph.D., on marine genetics and large animal migrations consistently receives worldwide recognition. NSU’s Guy Harvey Research Institute and Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Research Center are global leaders in understanding and conserving ocean life, including learning how certain species can contribute to improving human medicine.