Campaign To Preeminence

The passion that unites Nova Southeastern University with our donors and partners is the drive to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world around us. Whether through our shared investment in people, communities, business and economy, or our environment, together we can change lives today and enrich the future for those who come after us. We are marching forward in our rise as a preeminent, national research university—one of only two world-class private universities here in Florida. When we reached the capstone of our Vision 2020, we exceeded our goals for philanthropic and research dollars. Now, as part of our Vision 2025 Campaign to Preeminence, we will bring that total to $1 billion, which includes $500 million in philanthropic gifts and $500 million in research funding. In the process, we will increase NSU’s endowment to an all-time high of $300 million to strengthen our financial sustainability and begin to match more of our competitors. As NSU thrives, so do our students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, patients, donors, communities, and even our region. By 2025, NSU’s economic impact on the state of Florida is projected to reach $5 billion or more. There are so many ways the NSU community of educators, researchers, health care providers, students, and volunteers are partnering with donors and investors, like you, to truly make a difference in the world—and shape the legacies we leave behind. Across NSU’s 14 colleges, its libraries and NSU Art Museum, its research and innovation centers, its athletics program and NSU University School, we are making an impact in the causes that mean the most to you, our donors and partners. These focused areas of impact range from health care to business and innovation, from pediatrics and child development to diversity and inclusion, from arts and culture to marine conservation, from athletics and team-building to supporting our students and faculty. NSU’s Campaign to Preeminence allows us to aim higher and make even greater contributions to today’s most urgent needs. Together, we can • Elevate the physical and mental well-being of our communities through new standards in health care education, research, and clinical practices. • Nurture and protect our children through innovations in pediatric medicine, health care, child development, and education. • Sustain the oceans, marine life, and the natural world around us, extending the spirit of sustainability to business and professional life as well. • Kindle an investment in future leaders through student scholarships, professorships, and program support. • Bolster our businesses, professions, and economic vitality through investments in innovation, technology, and the talent we need for the future. • Cultivate the arts community, enriching our cultural life and ensuring it reaches all in our diverse communities. • Foster diversity, equity, inclusion, teamwork, and belonging in our own—and shared—communities, here at home and around the world. • Champion the drive to excellence, leadership, and teamwork—along with personal well-being— through collegiate athletics, recreational sports, and fitness programs. A Message from the President Preeminence sparks the best in us and pushes us to create something magical and magnanimous. The trust and generosity of donors, like you, make it all possible. Today, our journey continues—a journey ripe for your commitment, your vision. Your passion, your investment is truly a game-changer here at NSU. It transforms lives, it amplifies our impact, and it changes things for the better. That’s why a gift to NSU is a gift of preeminence. Join us. Together, we can make this a stronger, richer, healthier world. George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Nova Southeastern University NSU AND YOU Join us in making the world a healthier place. Be part of NSU’s Campaign to Preeminence. Help us deliver innovative solutions to today’s challenges and prepare tomorrow’s leaders. Let us ensure that your gift will mean the most to the people and causes you hold most dear. Let your gift to NSU be a gift of preeminence. Questions? Need more information? Please contact Alissa Hechter, assistant vice president of development. Call: (954) 262-2408 Email: Text: (954) 594-7400