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THRIVING ECOSYSTEMS NURTURE OUR ECONOMY Sustaining a Healthier World and a Healthier Economy Donor support for the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences and its community outreach efforts have helped to amplify and accelerate NSU’s contributions in marine science and conservation NSU’s Halmos College with its Oceanographic Campus is home to the National Coral Reef Institute and the National Coral Reef Management Fellowship. These groups foster the conservation and restoration of reef systems with their impact on shoreline and property protection from hurricanes, as well as the multimillion-dollar fishing and SCUBA diving industries in Florida and across the globe. NSU researchers like Abigail Renegar, Ph.D., and her colleagues partner with NOAA and other federal agencies and NGOs to make advancements in preserving these valuable natural resources. With world-class research in marine science ranging from shark genomics to sea turtle conservation to coral reef restoration and more, NSU scientists, students, and partners make contributions, not only to save our environment for future generations, but also to bolster dozens of industries ranging from agriculture to tourism—all leading to a healthier economy and community. The coastline of Broward County, where NSU is located, provides critical nesting locations for three important sea turtle species. Led by Derek Burkholder, Ph.D., the NSU Marine Environmental Education Center (NSU MEEC) is a sister program and community outreach center with the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program and is charged with monitoring and protecting nesting sites. Groundbreaking research by Mahmood Shivji, Ph.D., on marine genetics and large animal migrations consistently receives worldwide recognition. NSU’s Guy Harvey Research Institute and Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Research Center are global leaders in understanding and conserving ocean life, including learning how certain species can contribute to improving human medicine.