Campaign To Preeminence

A GATEWAY FOR ALL NSU’s Alvin Sherman Library Unites a World-Class Research University with the Community Around Us NSU’s Alvin Sherman Library is home to the Read for the Fun of It initiative and annual StoryFest experience “ It is a joy to be able to increase and celebrate literacy efforts in our community. By funding programs that encourage a love of reading, we can help to promote early childhood and family literacy in South Florida. These efforts prove their worth when you see families coming together to engage at a story time, book club, workshop, or other fine arts experience hosted by the library.” Barbara Mautner “ NSU took a chance on me and had my back way back when. And I’m extremely grateful for that. It means a lot to me to give something back to the place where it all started. Now it’s my turn to help the up-and-coming NSU athletes who are doing their best, right here, right now.” Miles Mikolas ’13 Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ALUMNUS Supports NSU’s Shark Nation NSU hosts the annual Miles Mikolas NSU Baseball Golf Classic Tournament