2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

4 4 In 2010, NSU set forth an ambitious agenda to improve in 36 measurable outcomes to demonstrate the achievement of Vision 2020. These goals guided the day-to-day work of NSU’s faculty and staff members throughout the 10 years. Ultimately, NSU achieved or exceeded targets, or made significant progress, on 86 percent of the measures. Had there been no changes in U.S. policy toward international students and in the policies of foreign countries to support their students to come to the U.S., the university would have exceeded or made significant progress on 94 percent of the measurable outcomes. The measures were organized within six strategic priorities: Enhance Student Performance/Engagement/Retention, Enhance Faculty Quality, Enhance Academic Program Quality, Increase Nontuition Funding, Improve Incoming Undergraduate Student Quality, and Enhance Targeted Recruitment. Targets were met or exceeded within each priority. Highlights Include • increasing undergraduate, first-time- in-college retention rates by more than 10 percentage points • increasing undergraduate, first-time- in-college graduation rates by more than 25 percentage points • raising more than $300 million in cumulative gift commitments • growing external funding with cumulative contracts/grants awarded exceeding $300 million • increasing the endowment market value from $46 million to $132 million • increasing the number of accrediting bodies that recognize a degree program—or programs— from 18 to 26 and the number of accredited degree programs from 21 to 40 • raising the student housing occupancy from 81 percent to maximum capacity in 2019 Enhancing targeted recruitment is the priority where five targets were not achieved. And, as stated earlier, it is important to note that three of those targets were about increasing international student enrollment at all three degree levels— undergraduate, graduate, and professional. At the time when the targets were set, international student enrollment was on the rise nationally. NSU’s international enrollment did increase at the graduate and professional level for several years before changes in U.S. policy toward international students and in the policies of several foreign countries about supporting their students studying in the United States resulted in extraordinary and unpredicted declines in international student enrollment across the nation. If those three measures were excluded, NSU met or exceeded 55 percent of our targets, and made progress on 39 percent, for a total of 94 percent of targets met, exceeded, or had progress demonstrated on. Detailed results for each measure are provided in the following tables. “...a premier, private, not-for-profit university Executive Summary Vision 2020 Targets Achieved and Progress Made By 2020, through excellence and innovations in teaching, research, service, and learning, Nova Southeastern University will be recognized by accrediting agencies, the academic community, and the general public as a premier, private, not-for-profit university of quality and distinction that engages all students and produces alumni who serve with integrity in their lives, fields of study, and resulting careers. VISION 2020