2010-2025 Strategic Business Goals

3 A Message from President George L. Hanbury ll, Ph.D. Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU’s) Vision 2020—Strategic Business Plan was created in 2010. It has served as the guiding document for all our successes. We have made significant strides and met nearly all our goals, including raising more than $550 million for philanthropy and research and exceeding undergraduate recruitment goals. Implementing the provisions of this plan provided the framework for NSU to be stronger for our students, faculty and staff members, and the community we serve. We have reached success by progressing toward each milestone month by month and year by year, while building our reputation and areas of excellence, and finally being ranked in the top 200+ colleges and universities in the nation. I present to you the phenomenal accomplishments of what many called “audacious” matrices of Vision 2020, and the new strategic business goals for an “enhanced” Vision 2020—NSU’s Vision 2025. Our Vision 2025 allows us to refocus our strategic priorities and set new targets to guide us forward through continual improvement on a path toward preeminence. This plan was created by NSU’s senior leadership and Board of Trustees with input from faculty and staff members and students across the university. It is a guiding document for the entire NSU community, and I want to thank all of those who put in endless hours of committed work to evaluate the current university landscape, interview key stakeholders, and make data-based decisions on how and where to invest the university’s precious resources in a fiscally responsible manner to drive success and be recognized by our peers as a preeminent university. This plan lays out that framework, and I have tasked each dean and vice president to be accountable for how they will help achieve the greater vision through measurable outcomes. NSU has long been recognized for its innovation. Now is the time for us to be even more inventive in course delivery and academic quality, philanthropy and research, and serving the NSU and broader communities in which we reside. This is not my plan, or the deans’ and vice presidents’ plan, nor is it the NSU Board of Trustees’ plan. It’s NSU’s Enhanced Vision 2020 plan—Vision 2025. Together, we will recognize preeminence. While the content of this document will guide and focus our efforts, it is all of the people associated with NSU who will execute the plan and bring it to fruition. As always, keep your aim beyond your reach. FINS UP! George L. Hanbury II, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer