2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

5 5 Both NSU’s Board of Trustees and President’s Council retreats of 2019 and 2020 were primarily devoted to reviewing progress toward Vision 2020 and looking ahead to an Enhanced Vision 2020. It was determined that overall, NSU is on the right path, and its vision and mission only needed to be enhanced with a few minor changes. The Vision 2025 statement raises NSU’s goals for recognition from premier to preeminent and recognizes our distinction as a professional-dominant, doctoralresearch university. The mission statement was also enhanced to recognize NSU’s selective admissions policies. The core values remain unchanged. With enhanced vision and mission statements in place for 2025, NSU leadership worked throughout 2019 and 2020 to review the strategic business goal metrics, ensuring that the correct measures were in place, and bold—yet realistic. Targets were set to demonstrate the achievement of Vision 2025. Of the original 36 measures from Vision 2020, 14 have been retained and new targets set. An additional 12 measures have been added to fully reflect the breadth and depth of the vision. Measures and targets were selected with an eye toward the use of publicly available data whenever possible to be able to demonstrate preeminence amongst peer institutions. The full set of 26 strategic business goals are organized into 5 focus areas: Students (subdivided by entering-student quality, student experience, and student outcomes), philanthropic resources, scholarship and research, community service, and belonging, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The specific measures, baseline data, and targets are provided in the following tables. In addition to the 26 strategic business goals, the president also challenged each college to identify at least one program to improve and enhance to demonstrate preeminence among their peers. The President’s Council accepted the challenge and has developed a set of measurement principles for identifying programmatic preeminence. Further details on the assessment of preeminence follow the strategic business goals. Vision 2025 Statement By 2025, NSU will be recognized as a preeminent, professional-dominant, doctoral-research university that provides competitive career advantages to its students and produces alumni who serve and lead with integrity. Mission Statement The mission of NSU—a selective, doctoral-research university—is to deliver innovative academic programs in a dynamic, lifelong learning and research environment fostering integrity, academic excellence, leadership, and community service through engaged students, faculty, and staff. Core Values Integrity Academic Excellence Community Diversity Innovation Opportunity Scholarship/Research Student Centered Enhanced Vision 2020 to Vision 2025