2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

23 23 Strategic Priority 3 SCHOLARSHIP AND RESEARCH Introduction *The citation impact score by Web of Science measures the number of times a publication citation is cited by other publications indexed in the Web of Science database. This impact score is normalized by content area. Further detail can be located at bit.ly/CitationIndicators. **Research expenditures include both internally and externally funded research and both recovered and unrecovered indirect costs, as defined by, and reported to, the National Science Foundation. 2010-2025 Performance Measure 2010 Baseline 2020 Actual 2025 Target Number of publications indexed by the Web of Science per year 324 538 630 Citation impact score by Web of Science* 1.02 2.19 ≥ 2.00 Cumulative grants/contracts awarded11 $13.1M $303.2M $500.0M Research and development expenditures** $10.1M $26.0M $30.0M NSU is classified as a “high research activity” doctoral university by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This distinction reflects the high standards that NSU sets for research and scholarship. The expertise and academic interests of our faculty members mean that students are academically engaged both in and out of the classroom, which enhances their educational experience. NSU’s scholarship casts a wide net, including the natural and social sciences, the health professions, law, business, education, the arts, computing and engineering, and psychology. The value of faculty research expanded tremendously through Vision 2020, with cumulative grants/contracts awarded shooting up from $13 million in 2010 to more than $303 million in 2020. The research conducted at NSU will provide lasting benefits to the local community and to the world, which is why the university is aiming even higher for 2025. Vision 2025 Strategic Business Goals