2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

24 24 Strategic Priority 4 COMMUNITY SERVICE Introduction 2020–2025 Performance Measure 2010 Baseline 2020 Actual 2025 Target Carnegie designates as a Community Engaged University Achieved Achieved Achieved (through 2026) The Carnegie Commission on Higher Education classifies colleges and universities based on empirical data relating to the institution size and mission. Institutions may submit applications to receive the elective classification of Community Engagement. Although NSU’s strategic business goal is to maintain the Carnegie designation as a Community Engaged Institution, the reader should understand this is made up of a multitude of measures quantifying NSU’s commitment to community engagement, from tracking numbers of participants in events on all of our campuses, to participation on community boards and organizations, to financial support, and many others. The most recent application shared more than 100 pages of data about NSU’s community engagement. Vision 2025 Strategic Business Goals