2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

13 13 INCOMING STUDENT QUALITY PERFORMANCE MEASURES Performance Measure 2010 Baseline 2020 Target 2020 Actual Progress INCOMING SAT AVERAGE Average SAT total score for FTIC freshmen enrolled full time 1038 1200 1156 Progress TRANSFER STUDENT GPA Average GPA for full-time, incoming transfer students 2.8 3.0 3.2 Meets/ Exceeds Target NSU seeks continuous improvement in the academic preparation of incoming undergraduate students to participate in a competitive academic environment at the university and complete their program of study successfully. Reflecting this effort, the mean weighted high school grade point average (GPA) of incoming, first-time-incollege (FTIC) freshmen enrolled full time was 3.2 in 1995, had increased to 3.4 by 2001, had risen two more percentage points to 3.6 by 2009, and is currently at 4.0. Similarly reflective of NSU’s enhanced admission selection efforts, the mean combined SAT score for entering FTIC freshmen enrolled full time in 2004 was 998; for 2009, the combined score for this group had risen to 1038. As of the update, the mean combined SAT score is 1110. Strategic Priority 5 IMPROVE INCOMING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT QUALITY 2010–2020 Strategic Priorities Recap