2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

12 12 NONTUITION FUNDING PERFORMANCE MEASURES Performance Measure 2010 Baseline 2020 Target 2020 Actual Progress CONTRIBUTIONS Cumulative gift commitments10 $10.8M $250M $318M Meets/ Exceeds Target TOTAL EXTERNAL FUNDING Cumulative grants/ contracts awarded11 $13.6M $300M $303.2M Meets/ Exceeds Target ALUMNI GIVING RATE Total annual alumni giving rate9 1.7% 3.0% 1.9% Progress EMPLOYEE GIVING RATE2 Total annual employee giving rate 8.6% 30% 36% Meets/ Exceeds Target ENDOWMENT Total endowed market value at year-end $46.0M $125M $132.2M Meets/ Exceeds Target Like many universities without a substantial endowment, NSU relies heavily upon tuition and fees from educational programs as the primary source of university income. The tuition dependency rate was 80 percent for FY2008–09, and currently is at 83 percent, with income from nontuition/fee sources, therefore, at 17 percent of total revenue. A concerted, university-wide effort is underway to identify new sources of nontuition revenue to enhance and increase existing sources, and to increase operational efficiencies. Strategic Priority 4 INCREASE NONTUITION FUNDING 2010–2020 Strategic Priorities Recap