2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

11 11 SELECTED ACADEMIC PROGRAM QUALITY PERFORMANCE MEASURES Performance Measure 2010 Baseline 2020 Target 2020 Actual Progress NSU ACADEMIC PROGRAM REVIEW5 Percentage of programs reviewed through NSU’s Academic Program Review process that have demonstrated improvement or maintained adequate/excellent rating for program curriculum7 31% 60% 60% Meets/ Exceeds Target SPECIALIZED ACCREDITATION9 Number of professional programs that are eligible for specialized accreditation that are accredited 21 45 40 Progress Number of accredited program profession accrediting bodies through which NSU has accreditation 18 22 26 Meets/ Exceeds Target NSU maintains a rigorous academic program review process based on internal expectations established by the faculty. Program expectations are in accord with, or exceed, those established by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, through which NSU maintains regional accreditation; the standards of the specialized accrediting bodies, through which 39 of NSU’s academic programs are accredited; the standards of the Southern Regional Education Board, through which 83 of the university’s online programs are certified; the various regulations of the state and international education authorities that license, certify, and/or approve NSU’s programs to operate in other jurisdictions; and the requirements associated with the university’s Carnegie classifications. The level of research activity at NSU is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as Research University—High. NSU’s extensive community engagement activities are recognized by the Carnegie Foundation by the following designation: Curricular Engagement/Outreach/ Partnerships.8 NSU academic programs are complemented by an array of academic enrichment opportunities. In addition to traditional honors and dual admission programs, all of the university’s academic units participate in the Quality Enhancement Program, which is designed to improve student writing in all disciplines and at all degree levels. Strategic Priority 3 ENHANCE ACADEMIC PROGRAM QUALITY 2010–2020 Strategic Priorities Recap