2010 - 2025 Strategic Business Goals

14 14 RECRUITMENT PERFORMANCE MEASURES Performance Measure 2010 Baseline 2020 Target 2020 Actual Progress STUDENT ENROLLMENT9, 12 Total undergraduate student enrollment 6,174 5,700 6,314 Meets/ Exceeds Target Professional/graduate student enrollment 22,567 16,300 14,574 Decrease Total university enrollment 28,741 22,000 20,888 STUDENTS LIVING IN CAMPUS HOUSING Student housing occupancy rate 81% 90% 103%* Meets/ Exceeds Target Percentage of all entering undergraduate students residing on campus13 28% 60% 47%* Progress FIRST-TIME-IN-COLLEGE STUDENTS Percentage of all entering undergraduates that are first-time-in-college students13 46% 75% 77% Meets/ Exceeds Target DUAL ADMISSION PROGRAMS Number of undergraduate students participating in a Dual Admission Program 341 360 980 Meets/ Exceeds Target *Due to COVID-19, the 2019 data is presented as a better representation of NSU’s progress on this measure. NSU has experienced substantial enrollment growth since the university was established in 1964 and enrolled an initial class of 17 students in 1967. As the university pursues achievement of Vision 2020, targeted recruitment efforts will be focused on shifting the balance in representation among major cohort groups. In particular, the university seeks a number of strategic shifts in enrollment that will impact enrollment at the NSU regional campuses, enrollment of students living in campus housing, enrollment of international students, and enrollment of students in dual admission programs. Strategic Priority 6 ENHANCE TARGETED RECRUITMENT 2010–2020 Strategic Priorities Recap