2023 NSU Fact Book

2023 FACT BOOK 57 EDITORIAL BOARD Chair: Bernadette Bruce, executive director, BSV/Printing and Publications. The purpose of the Editorial Board is to develop and adopt university- wide standards for editorial writing style and graphic identity standards for promotional materials. The board is composed of representatives from the various academic units and administrative offices. ENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Chair: Harry K. Moon, executive vice president and chief operating officer. This committee is responsible for oversight in the identification and weighing of NSU enterprise risk and monitoring of mitigating activities. The committee membership includes the provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, senior vice president for enrollment management and student affairs, vice president for compliance and chief integrity officer, vice president for facilities management and public safety, vice president for finance and chief financial officer, vice president for information technologies and chief information officer, executive director of internal auditing, and director of risk management. FACULTY ADVISORY COUNCIL Chair: Fran Tetunic, director of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic and professor of law. The purpose of the Faculty Advisory Council is to further the mission of Nova Southeastern University by advising the university administration regarding matters for the improvement of university academic programs and services. The primary goal of the council is to enhance, protect, and maintain the intellectual integrity of the university through academic programs. To this end, the council serves as a forum to recommend new and innovative change; a platform to address academic issues and concerns; and a resource for conceiving, developing, and implementing new projects. The council meets bimonthly and consists of one representative from each of the academic schools, colleges, and centers. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STEERING COMMITTEE Chair: Tom West, vice president and chief information officer, Office of Innovation and Information Technology. The purpose of the Information Technology (IT) Steering Committee is to ensure a collaborative, transparent, and university-wide approach to prioritizing major IT project requests that are strategically aligned with the university’s vision, mission, core values, and strategic priorities. In conjunction with the Office of Innovation and Information Technology, the Information Technology Steering Committee also serves as a forum for communicating technology needs identified by the NSU community and provides directional guidance to NSU’s executive administration regarding the university’s technology investments. The committee is composed of seven members who represent the academic units and central administration. INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD Chair: Amanpreet Cheema, Ph.D., Institute for NeuroImmune Medicine. The Institutional Review Board is charged with ensuring that students, faculty members, and staff members adhere to ethical principles underlying the acceptable conduct of research involving human subjects, as set forth in The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research and in keeping with applicable laws and regulations. The board includes at least one representative from each college and center, who conducts human subjects research, with additional members from the local community and a prisoner advocate.