NSU University School Student/Parent Handbook 2016-2017

Page 40 PERSONAL INFORMATION All changes in personal information, such as a change of name or address, or marital status, must be reported to the Development Office for record updating. Please call (954) 262-4475. Changes in health status or emergency care must be reported to the nurse. Proper documentation must be presented. Parents may update personal/family information at any time through their My Backpack account. This information is verified by the Development Office before it is posted. All personal and family information is limited for viewing only by family members and is not for public view. LOCKERS Grades 4-12 Students in grades 4 through 5 are assigned lockers; 4 th and 5 th grade student lockers are locked with a combination lock. Combination locks are on all Dauer and Sonken Building lockers and are available to all students. Students will be assigned a locker number and a locker combination. Students may not put an additional lock on their locker nor may they share their locker combination with another student. The school is not responsible for items stolen from lockers. The school reserves the right to enter any student locker without warning or consent from the student if the administration feels that it has reasonable cause. Physical Education lockers are not assigned, and students must provide their own locks. Locks must be removed at the end of each PE period. Uniform clothing is the only items to be stored in PE lockers. Cell phones, jewelry, wallets, money or other personal items must be locked in their Dauer or Sonken Building locker during PE class. The school is not responsible for items missing from lockers or the locker room. LOST AND FOUND Lost and found articles are turned in to the receptionist. NSU University School is not responsible for lost or stolen items. LUNCH, LUNCHROOM, AND FOOD 1. During lunch, trays and plates must be returned to the dining commons. 3. Students are encouraged to use the recycle receptacles provided. 4. Food is to be eaten only in the dining commons. 5. Students cannot arrange food deliveries from restaurants or parents to campus. 6. Because of severe allergies, students are not permitted to bring or serve any type of nut during the school day or in extra-curricular activities. The NSU University School food caterer is a nut-free vendor. 7. Students are not permitted to bring in outside hot or cold beverages and/or food unless approved in advance or for an official special event DINING COMMONS AND LUNCH PERIOD 1. Only seniors may eat at the Carl DeSantis Building or the NSU library’s Connections Café. 2. Seniors are not permitted to sign out to the RecPlex between 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 3. Trays and plates must remain in the lunchroom. 4. Students who take disposable items to the courtyard or patio during lunch must place trash into the trash receptacles. 5. Food is not to be eaten in carpeted areas, hallways, or in unsupervised areas. 6. Club meetings held during lunch times may be held only with adult supervision. 7. Food deliveries to campus are not permitted during school hours. 8. Students are not permitted to bring homemade baked goods to share with others during the school day. Only approved bake sales, held after school, are permitted to sell homemade baked goods. 9. Students are not permitted to drive off-campus during the school day, including during lunch.